Technology Venture Capitalist Stabilises Email with Google Workspace


Red Building Capital Co., Ltd. is a venture capital investment firm that focuses on bringing disruptive new technology companies to life. In their efforts to help others, Red Building Capital faced long-term email system disruptions in their receival of emails. To improve their situation and finally eliminate this problem, Red Building Capital engaged TS Cloud to implement a Google Workspace email system that can solve all their problems while being easy to maintain. Find out how they did it with the help of TS Cloud specialist Sophie!

Client Information

Red Building Capital Co., Ltd.

Company Name Red Building Capital Co., Ltd
Company Profile Red Building Capital is Taiwan’s pioneering venture capitalist company. They focus exclusively on the investment of early-stage disruptive startups that contribute to global digitalization from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. As a venture studio, Red Building Capital actively assists startups in their business growth. Its team is empowered by experts in finance and innovative technologies. Today, its play a key role in digitally empowering Taiwan’s industries to maximize global competitiveness and their strategic position within the booming tech industry.
Industry Information Technology, Investment
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date 2021
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Missing Email Messages and Delays Negatively Impacting Customers

In the past, Red Building Capital faced email system issues with emails going missing and delays as a normal occurrence. Emails sent to clients would inexplicably disappear from sent folders, and emails received from clients could not be found at all. When it came to receiving emails, Red Building Capital’s email system only allowed emails to be automatically received once per hour. This resulted in frequent delays in receiving messages and greatly hindered timely responses to customer inquiries.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Transitioning to Google Workspace Email to Eliminate Delays and Losses

Assisted by TS Cloud, Red Building Capital adopted Google Workspace Enterprise plan to solve their problems. With Google Workspace providing enterprise-level Gmail, Red Building Capital no longer faces any problems with information or customer communication as there are no delays when communicating with clients. Miss Gao from Red Building Capital commented “Since implementing Google Workspace, our email inbox has never faced the same issues or rather any issues at all.”

Effortless IT Resource Management with Google Workspace Admin Control Dashboard

Red Building Capital believes in allowing self-managing crucial IT resources to mitigate potential information security risks. With TS Cloud’s assistance in implementing Google Workspace, Red Building Capital is now able to successfully manage its administrative control dashboard where managers are enabled to keep up with user’s work, handle tasks such as adding/deleting accounts, backing up colleague data, and configure domains. All of this is smoothly done in real-time through the administrative control dashboard at Red Building Capital.

Choosing TS Cloud for a Hands-On Google Workspace Implementation Experience

By choosing to implement Google Workspace with TS Cloud, Red Building Capital now has access to specialists who have over 3,000 client’s worth of problem-solving experience. Therefore, for any issues Red Building Capital has or will face, they are confident that TS Cloud will be able to provide a solution.

A Stable Email System Finally Achieved with TS Cloud

For now, Google Workspace provides a stable and secure email system with an easily manageable control panel, which includes the ability to smoothly send and receive emails across user accounts and domains. At Red Building Capital, Google Workspace has enhanced both external communication and internal management at the same time benefitting Red Building Capital with convenience and efficiency above all else. In difficult situations, TS Cloud provides immediate and patient assistance to give Red Building Capital the best solutions to swiftly overcome challenges.

Customer Review

We greatly appreciate the help from Specialist Sophie, who has managed to resolve so many of our various issues. Since using Google Workspace. We have not encountered any significant problems. The proactive support of TS Cloud’s specialists and their ability to anticipate our need is commendable and always surprising to me. Thank you for the excellent service!

Red Building Information Officer
Miss Gao

Red Building Capital and TS Cloud Online Meeting

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