Taiwan’s Largest EV Charging Provider Empowered by Google Workspace


Yes Energy Co., Ltd initially used a self-built email system however, as the company expanded, it encountered challenges related to the cost of maintenance and information flows between different departments. After a thorough evaluation, Yes Energy enlisted the help of TS Cloud to implement Google Workspace. Read more to find out how exactly Yes Energy enhanced its internal resource allocation and collaborative processes with Google Workspace, all while resulting in improved efficiency in internal teamwork.

Client Information

Yes Energy Services Co., Ltd

Company Name Yes Energy Services Co., Ltd
Company Profile Yes Energy Service Co., Ltd, an affiliate of Yulon Motor Co., Ltd, is a clean energy provider and focuses on the development and operation of charging stations for electric vehicles. Additionally, Yes Energy extends its reach to solar photovoltaic equipment and a self-operated power plant that covers integrated system solutions from electric vehicle connectivity to household and commercial-grade power generation.
Industry Electric Vehicle Industry, Solar Power Industry
Company Size More than 60 People
Introduction Date 2019


High Maintenance Cost of Self-Built Internal Communications Systems, Unable to Keep-Up with Organization’s Rapid Growth

During the time of Yes Energy’s establishment in 2010, the company was operating with less than 20 team members. Due to this small number, a locally self-built email system was used and it met the communications needs for them. As Yes Energy scaled, and number of employees and demand grew accordingly. Consequently, the cost of maintenance and management personnel for operating an in-built email system rose exponentially too. This eventually led to issues such as high budget allocations for the running of a single system and uneven resource distribution.

Excessive Spam Emails and Inability to Meet Email Auditing Needs

By using a self-built system without an effective method to block spam and phishing emails, Yes Energy’s protection from them relied solely on antivirus software. This issue ultimately became a problem for both users and administrators and the need for internal email auditing was becoming more necessary every day. There was a hope that there was a system to aid in email reviews before being sent out however, this was beyond what their self-built system was capable of.

Delayed Communications and Information Flow Between Departments

Being the largest electric vehicle charging station operation in Taiwan Yes Energy often needed to deploy sales and service teams to the field to conduct repairs. Therefore, the synchronous flow of information between internal and external teams is highly vital to smooth operations. However, needed documents were often stored on internal servers and could not be accessed outside of the office. Additionally, communication with field personnel often relied on email too. This method of communication resulted in a highly delayed exchange of information and the delivery system was prone to error and omissions too. This issue made it less conducive for the collection of information too.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Flexible Personnel and Resource Allocation Through Google Workspace

After a thorough evaluation, Yes Energy chose Google Workspace as its cloud-based office suite for several compelling reasons. Firstly, entrusting all email-related matters to Gmail immediately eliminated the need for in-house maintenance, saving valuable work hours for more critical tasks. Secondly, transitioning to cloud software meant fewer updates and enhanced user-friendliness. Plus, as internal colleagues were familiar with Gmail and the overall Google interface, the transition to the new system was seamless. These reasons remain influential in Yes Energy’s streamlined operations management.

Gmail’s Powerful Spam Filter and Custom Rules Meets the Needs of Email Auditing

In 2019, when Yes Energy integrated Google Workspace into their operations, they experienced an immediate, noteworthy decrease in the influx of spam and virus-infested emails. Security concerns, which were frequently linked to email communications, were addressed through Google Workspace’s intuitive email auditing accessible via the administrator’s console. This streamlined the management’s oversight of the company’s email exchanges. Moreover, apart from aiding Yes Energy in adhering to fundamental security protocols, Gmail’s built-in filtering rules empowered administrators to fulfill email auditing requirements efficiently, utilizing criteria like keywords and attachment checks.

Real Time Communication, Eliminating Information Discrepancies, and Enhancing Internal Collaborative Processes

To enhance internal communication, Yes Energy made a strategic move by incorporating Google Drive into their daily operations for seamless file updates and enabling synchronous collaborative editing with Google Docs. This integration guarantees the harmonization of information flow, both internally and externally, significantly minimizing information discrepancies resulting from traditional back-and-forth communication.

Furthermore, office-based employees have harnessed the full potential of Google Docs’ permission settings. Access privileges can be restricted to ‘view-only,’ while editing rights are thoughtfully granted only to relevant staff members. This heightened level of access control ensures the utmost security and precision when handling internal data at Yes Energy. In addition, it offers more convenient options for conducting internal surveys and collecting valuable insights through Google Sheets, Forms, and other integrated features.

Results & Benefits

Enhancing Email Hosting and Streamlining Internal Collaboration with Google Workspace

Yes Energy is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services for electric vehicles, spanning equipment research, development, construction, maintenance, APP services, payment processing, and operating systems. Fueled by the growing need for seamless internal collaboration, the introduction of Google Workspace has proven highly beneficial. Field engineers can now effortlessly submit real-time reports using their mobile devices, while logistics personnel smoothly handle follow-ups through system synchronization. Google Workspace hasn’t just met Yes Energy’s initial email hosting and management requirements; it has also brought additional collaborative advantages and improved communication efficiency with frontline teams.

Customer Review

Our choosing TS Cloud as our distributor was primarily due to the initial technical consultation where a specialist provided a solution for email auditing. They further coordinated meetings and provided detailed explanations in collaboration with Partner companies. This greatly demonstrated their expertise in customer support and assistance during the implementation process. They were willing to invest time to understand and advise on our specific needs which we strongly appreciate. Having such a high level of support gave us peace of mind, which is why we chose TS Cloud.

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