Domain Registration and DNS Management Service

Domain name, DNS verification, and DNS record settings are the prerequisites to using Google Workspace and Gmail Enterprise mailbox Starting from registering your preferred domain name, setting up the Domain Name System (DNS) for your domain, to completing the configuration of Google Workspace, each step will be carefully taken care of by TS Cloud. You can freely skip these worries and begin to use Google Workspace just by logging into your Gmail inbox.

No worries if you already own a domain name, TS Cloud can help to manage your existing domain name as well!

If You Want to Register a Custom Domain Name
Regardless of your website or your company email address, a professional Domain name is essential in order to showcase your company’s branding online.

Purchasing a domain name does not automatically make your business visible on the internet. A complete set of relevant records will only then help you to be found by your customers on the internet seamlessly. TS Cloud helps you from registering your preferred domain name to completing the needed configuration. You can buy your preferred domain name from us, and let us take care of the rest of the setup for you!

A Stable DNS Server Is Guaranteed
Get reliable, resilient, and low-latency DNS hosting with Google Cloud DNS.

Getting a customized domain name does not just matters about the domain registration and DNS setup. Ensuring to host your domain name on a reliable DNS server is essential in order to get your website and your Google Workspace to be operated smoothly.

A simple example is when the domain name is not hosted under a reliable DNS server, the users may face issues such as being unable to send and receive emails in their Gmail inbox. These issues may cause due to the DNS server where the domain resides being unstable or the essential records have been changed without unknown circumstances.

With Google Cloud DNS, we ensure the said worries will not be yours where Google guarantees a reliable Cloud DNS!

Dedicated Assistance – All in One Platform
Common domain problems:

  1. Not sure of how and with whom to buy a custom domain name for your company?
  2. Not sure who to reach out to in order to set up the relevant records to get your company website live?
  3. Not sure when is your domain name renewal date?

These problems may be yours if you already own a domain name or could be if are thinking to get a custom domain for your company. TS Cloud ensures these problems are tackled seamlessly. We provide domain name purchase, relevant DNS setup, DNS hosting, and renewal reminder by a dedicated specialist, ensuring our customers are convenient and worry-free!

Service Flow

1. Domain Name Registration

A domain name is essential in order to start using Google Workspace. Get your official quotation to purchase your preferred company domain name and the domain registration will be processed once the payment is received. All the application processes will be notified to you via email by our dedicated specialist.

2. Domain Hosting Services

After your domain name purchase is completed, our technical team will proceed to direct your domain name records to Google Cloud DNS. All the relevant records will be added and managed by the dedicated specialist seamlessly. You can have no worries about domain management and start using your Google Workspace effortlessly.


Domain Registration Fee

.com / / .asia / .net


.my / .biz


DNS Management Fee

This service includes adding or modifying DNS records, domain hosting on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with top security protection of Google!


Let Us Manage Your Domain and DNS Hosting

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