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TS Cloud is here to help, regardless of where you purchased your account. Even if you’re not a TS Cloud customer, our quick fix support service is available to assist you.

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Resolving Common Google Workspace Issues for Business Users

Type 1
Google Workspace Activation

To unlock the full potential of Google services for your business, you’ll need to complete the initial Google Workspace verification. Our service can get everything configured in as fast as one business day. Once complete, you can simply log in and start using Google Workspace!

Type 2
DNS Verification

If your Google Workspace account is unable to send and receive emails properly or is being marked as spam, it is likely due to incorrect DNS settings. We can help you configure MX records, SPF records, DKIM records, DMARC, and more.

Type 3
Login Issue

If you are prompted for device verification when logging in to an account, but you cannot verify the identity of the account, we can help you log in successfully.

Type 4
Advanced Security

Google Workspace already offers two-step verification to enhance account security. However, if you want to further strengthen the security of your business information, we can help you set up more security rules.

Type 5
Restore Account

We will assist you in recovering suspended or deleted accounts. We will do our best to restore your account, except for those that cannot be retrieved due to Google policy.

Type 6
Data Migration

If you experience an employee resignation or a change of departments, we seamlessly transfer data to internal accounts within 1 business day.

Type 7
Security Alert Notification

To strengthen your internal data control, we can set up custom security alerts that notify you when users delete shared Drive files or log in from unauthorized locations, etc.

Type 8
Billing/Version Upgrade

If you are facing trouble with Google Workspace billing issues, are unable to replace your credit card to settle your payments, want to upgrade your plan, etc, but reaching Google support is troublesome? No worries! We’re here to help!

Type 9
Restore Deleted Files/Emails

In the event that internal files and emails are accidentally or maliciously deleted by employees, we can assist you in recovering the necessary items as long as you contact us within 25 days of the deletion.

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To complete the settings, we’ll need access to your Google Workspace Admin console. If you purchased your Workspace from Google or through a reseller, you’ll need to provide the administrator’s login credentials so our dedicated support can complete the configuration you requested accordingly.
Together with the invoice, we’ll email you clear instructions on what information is needed to proceed. For your security, you can temporarily change your super administrator password and reply to our email with the new one. Once our dedicated support resolves your issue, you can change the password back to its original state.
Rest assured! We provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to guarantee the security of your data. We will never make any changes to your settings in the admin console beyond what is necessary to resolve your issue. Additionally, all operation logs are retained in the Admin Console for 6 months, and you can access them at any time to review them.

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