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Yitai Express, a leading transportation company in Taiwan, has chosen to implement Google Workshop as their primary office suite to comprehensively manage data transmission and work status among its internal employees. With the TS Cloud’s assistance, Yitai Express flexibly utilizes the shared cloud storage of Google Drive, manages shared calendars, and employs Google Meet for efficient remote conferencing from different locations. Find out the reasons behind these changes and realize when it’s your organization’s time to make changes too.

Yitai Express Co., Ltd

Client Information

Company Name Yitai Express Co., Ltd
Company Profile Established in 1999, Yitai Express Co., Ltd is a transportation company specializing in the safe transport of chemical liquids from factories to clients. Yitai Express is committed to employee safety and well-being, evident through strategically positioned relay stations across Taiwan and regular emergency preparedness and safety drills.
Industry Transportation
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date 2021
Yitai Co., Ltd


Data Leaks and Low Employee Productivity

Yitai Express has encountered critical internal data leaks to unrelated departments in the past and chaotic computer storage systems at the time made it impossible to trace the origins of these leaks. Furthermore, internal observations revealed that employees occasionally disregarded company regulations when not under direct supervision, substantially impeding overall work efficiency.

Scheduling Meetings from Separate Remote Locations

As a prominent transportation company in Taiwan, Yitai Express has thoughtfully established multiple facilities and relay stations to ensure employee well-being and peak performance. However, an insistence on physical meetings necessitated frequent travel for supervisors, consuming valuable time.

Clashing meeting room schedules, Inability to Keep Record of Employee Performance

Within the main office of Yitai Express, there is only one meeting room that is available for use. Because of this limitation, meeting schedules are often conflicted with others, and verbal coordination at the moment of such conflicts causes clients to experience subpar service. Additionally, Yitai’s internal management system lacked a clear employee management tool to monitor employee attendance effectively.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Centralized Cloud Storage and Back-End Reporting to Optimize Internal Management

Under the advisement of TS Cloud, Yitai Express made a strategic decision to implement Google Workspace into their daily operations. Through this decision, Yitai Express began their journey with a cloud-based office suite that offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features and applications. Allowing simple and easy collaboration tools for all team members, this choice ensured a unified business platform and an effective management system. Google Workspace allowed Yitai Express to standardize how employees store and share files while maintaining alignment with internal standards. Searching for data has become more convenient and efficient.

Additionally, with Google Workspaces backend reporting tools, the management of Yitai Express could gain insight into the application usage of employees. This allowed the monitoring of work to be possible, without being physically present.

Facilitating Urgent Online Meetings with Google Meet

After adopting Google Workspace, Yitai Express has indulged in the convenience that Google Meet has to offer through the holding of online meetings. In doing so, Yitai Express efficiently reduced the time spent on traveling and allowed supervisors to reallocate their time to enhancing the quality of work produced by employees.

Management Through Shared Calendar, Attendance Tracking Through QR Code Integration

To tackle the issue of meeting room conflicts, TS Cloud recommended Yitai EXpress to leverage the use of Google Calendar’s shared calendar feature. By setting up dedicated calendars for meeting rooms, team members can effortlessly reserve slots, check room availability, and swiftly resolve overlapping schedules. Additionally, in order to improve Yitai Express’s monitoring of employees, TS Cloud aided in the integration of QR codes and forms whereby everybody received a unique QR code. Upon arrival of an employee, a quick scan will auto-submit a form with their credentials directly into a spreadsheet. This simplifies HR tasks in Yitai’s management of employee attendance, absence, and payroll.

Establishing Effective Workflow and System Management with Google Workspace

The executive assistant to Yitai Express’s chairman revealed that they explored various cloud-based office suites during their management meetings. However, the final decision to adopt Google Workspace was driven by its user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and minimal learning curve. Google Workspace’s easy navigation, coupled with its rich toolset, including Gmail for business, Drive, Meet, and Calendar, addressed past issues where different platforms were used for data transmission, resulting in scattered files. With Google Workspace’s Permissions features, Yitai Express now efficiently manages and delegates work across departments. This decision has significantly improved the organization’s workflow.

Customer Review

We are extremely grateful to TS Cloud. To date, we have never been let down by anyone from their team. Someone is always there to provide professional answers and fix our problems. Despite our limited experience with the backend systems of Google Workspace, technicians on TS Cloud’s end always try their best to understand our problem and to offer us a most appropriate solutions.

Ms Song
Yitai Express Co., Ltd

Meeting with Ms. Song from Yitai Express Co., Ltd

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