Multinational Hotel Chain Unifies and Manages Data with Google Sheets


Green World Hotels Co., Ltd has chosen to use Google Workspace’s Enterprise Plan with high-security protection to ensure the security of the databases for the hotels under it’s group. With the assistance of Google Cloud Premier Partner TS Cloud, they have successfully migrated emails from personal Gmail accounts to Google Workspace’s unified email system. In this customer story, find out how education training courses and tools like Google Sheets have helped Green World Hotels Co., Ltd to create a more convenient, real-time, and efficient working environment.

Client Information

Green World Hotels Co., Ltd

Company Name Green World Hotels Co., Ltd
Company Profile Green World Co., Ltd is the first large-scale hotel chain brand to be established in Taipei City. It boasts numerous hotels around around key locations around Taipei City and around the world too. Committed to providing affordable rates, a wide range of choices, and exceptional service. Green World Co., Ltd offers every traveler a place to recharge and unwind.
Industry Hotel Industry
Company Size More than 100
Introduction Date 2018


Battling Ransomware and Spam Threats. Self-Built Systems Proves Ineffective

Green World Hotels, a major hotel chain, faces daily challenges managing orders, emails, and data across numerous locations. As an in-house-built system, their current email system lacks scalability and security which brings vulnerability to cyber attacks through emails. Therefore, it was evaluated that extensive time and costs for in-house defense software were not cost-effective. Hence, they decided to transition to a cloud-based email server.

Seperate Domains, Scattered Data, and Information Gaps Between Locations

Initially, Green World Hotels had different domains for different locations and as a small group, this was not a problem. However, over time, this resulted in isolated information which caused significant gaps between hotels. Even after switching to a new email platform, unfortunately, they needed to preserve previous email data for management regulations and access.


Challanges of Paper-based Record Keeping and Difficulty of Handovers and Retrieval

Green World Hotels, like many others in the industry, continues to rely heavily on paper for record-keeping and communication for front desk operations and handovers. However, this often leads to delayed information updates, discrepancies, and errors due to manual alternations. Moreover, it is challenging to track, manage, organize, and retrieve information on which employees have handled specific documents.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Highly Secure Google Workspace Business Mailbox Automatically Filters Spam

Renowned for its high security and advanced spam filtering capabilities, Green World Hotels chose Google Workspace for its corporate mailbox software, Gmail. According to Mr.Huang, IT Director at Green World Hotels, the decision to trust Google was far more efficient than investing substantial time and cost into creating their own server. Additionally, Google’s solution has effectively aided in filtering our spam emails, and ransom notes, This significantly allows their IT personnel to save time and resources without the need to maintain the company’s email system.

Extensive Email Migration Plan and Unified Data Management

Along with the guidance of TS Cloud, Green World Hotels executed an extensive email migration plan that was swift, smooth, and highly efficient, In addition to that success, GSSMO was added to ensure that Outlook and Gmail would both be usable and there would be no difficulty in adaptive to a new interface. Additionally, TS Cloud aided in the consolidating of different domains under a unified management console which solved their previous issues of multiple domains. Today, Green World Hotel’s administrators have the ability to oversee and access data from various locations within the Google Workspace management console.

Using Google Sheets for Simple Data Handover, Retrieval, and Management

After the implementation of Google Workspace at Green World Hotels, the use of paper-based procedures for data management has been eliminated and today all data is stored in Google Drive. In doing so, management is able to remotely access real-time information statuses with their smartphones and allows for the customization of employee permissions, version tracking, and data transfers. In the context of public facility maintenance, IT teams can easily access IP information for various properties on their mobile devices. This facilitates prompt responses to repair and support requests.

Results & Benefits

Implemented, Educated, and Adapted in Less Than One Month

Through the adoption of Google Workspace, today Green World Hotels benefits from an abundance of perks and advantages that come with the complete office suite. With it, Green World Hotels now has a highly secure email system and a conveniently centralized management console. In addition to that, the IT Department of Green World Hotels can work in a more stable and secure environment where they are less afraid of malware attacks too. In terms of adaptability and onboarding of the new interface, through numerous educational training programs offered by TS Cloud, employees have been seen to rapidly acquire the skills and knowledge to efficiently operate and configure various Google Cloud tools. Leveraging the convenient features of Google Cloud is easily done today and employees execute tasks more efficiently than ever before. There is now more time to allocate to important tasks and delivering higher quality services to customers.

Customer Review

Trusting Google Workspace to attend to our email and security was a great choice! It has effectively filtered out spam, malware emails, and extortion letters which has saved us multiple times. Information personnel can save time and energy by not needing to maintain the company’s email mailbox again.

Green World Hotel Co., Ltd
Director Huang of IT Department

TS Cloud system specialist, Director Huang of Green World Hotels Co., Ltd IT Department

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