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As a professional information outsourcing and system integration company, Weifan Information is committed to solving various information-related issues for corporate clients. They have partnered with TS CLoud to become a trusted collaborator for corporate clients and are dedicated to providing effective solutions to clients helping them to manage their operations and enhance their overall efficiency. Find out how Weifan Information has adapted to TS Cloud as a Google Workspace provider and has moved to recommend it to their own clients.

Client Information

Weifan Information Co., Ltd

Company Name Weifan Information Co., Ltd
Company Profile Weifan Information, a leading system integration company, specializes in professional information outsourcing for businesses. They have a track record of assisting over a thousand businesses in optimizing their operations. Their team, comprising professionals from various fields with over a decade of experience, is known for being a highly trusted outsourcing service. Weifan focuses on coordination, understanding, and problem-solving, with a primary goal of meeting customer expectations.
Industry Information Technology
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date 2018


Persistent Spam and Phishing Emails, Limited Mailbox Functionality, and Growing Costs

Weifan Information firmly believes that email communication is crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, the persistence of unsolicited spam and phishing emails has become a significant issue, posing security risks. While some threat detection products are available, they often lack cost-effectiveness and functionality. Weifan has encountered clients who, in an attempt to cut costs, turned to free email services but faced problems, including spam, phishing, and virus-laden emails. Furthermore, with the costs to maintain their systems only increased, Weifan Information is now striving to determine high-value solutions that effectively address these problems and improve their productivity.

Distrust and Unfamiliarity in Cloud Systems Leading to Roadblocks

In today’s business landscape, trust and familiarity with cloud solutions are vital. Doubts and unease about cloud services like Google Drive can hinder efforts to offer advice and bring cloud-based solutions to clients. Weifan Information values addressing these concerns and is committed to providing reassurance and guidance to navigate the realm of cloud computing. They aim to show their customers that Google Workspace is trustworthy and effective.

Past Providers Fall Shorts in Service and Response

As an information outsourcing and system integration business, Weifan Information helps plan and implement cloud services like Google Workspace. However, they faced issues with unresponsive Google Workspace distributors who took extended periods to address configuration problems, which required repeated follow-ups. For such a company as Weifan Information, complex information-related issues are often handled through email, and without being able to quickly solve issues, Weifan Information faced a significant problem.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Gmail: A Problem Solving and Cost Saving Solution

Driven by its integration capabilities and tools for businesses, Weifan Information decided to begin housing Google Workspace as a team tool and has since strongly recommended it to their own clients. With Gmail, it addressed common issues such as spam, phishing emails, and virus-infected messages. Additionally, Forms provides Weifan Information with a convenient surveying tool that aids in monitoring internal needs, while Calendar efficiently enhances team collaboration through shared calendars. In essence, the implementation of Google Workspace has significantly improved Weifan Information’s operations, offering security, reliability, and long-term cost-saving benefits.

Complete Service From Google Workspace, Sharing from Experience

When Weifan Information introduces Google Workspace to clients, it often goes beyond their sales pitches and regularly references from their own experience with it too. Google Workspace offers a comprehensive complete office suite with a strong focus on security and stability. It addresses many issues and garners countless positive feedback from Google Workspace-enabled businesses. For Weifan Information, Google Workspace not only builds confidence within their clients but also provides them the chance to substantially save costs. The impact of Google Workspace’s problem-solving solutions to Weifan Information has given them greater reason and ability to recommend Google Workspace to clients now, as they too strive to solve client problems and meet their expectations.

Powerful Partnership with TS Cloud, A Problem-Solving Approach to Collaboration

Weifan Information’s General Manager, Porsche, was frustrated with their previous Google Workspace partner who couldn’t resolve their issues. When TS Cloud promptly resolved these issues, it left a strong impression and establish a trust in TS Cloud. They discovered that TS Cloud was a highly professional Google Workspace consultant, embedding trust and forming a healthy partnership.

Unwavered Recommendation of Google Workspace, an Indispensable Combined Offering of Product and Service

Google Workspace’s Gmail has proven itself to be a highly secure email service and has saved Weifan Information and their clients significant costings in terms of setup and maintenance costs. Additionally, with the office suite’s collaboration tools such as Docs, Forms, Calendar, Sheets, and Drive, team communication and efficiency have significantly improved since its implementation. Through sharing their own success stories and their partnership with TS Cloud, Weifan Information ensures their clients that full confidence can be placed in Google Workspace. The positive feedback that is received post-implementation continues to reinforce Weishi Information’s commitment to recommending Google Workspace to business teams.

Customer Reviews

Collaboration with TS Cloud has been incredibly satisfying. We are highly content with our dedicated project manager Joe Chen and the entire TS Cloud Team. Their professionalism and trustworthiness make them essential and dependable partners in our company, truly making a difference.

General Manager of Weifan Information

General Manager of Weishi Information, Porsche

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