Email Management and Security Upgraded by Google Workspace


Shiqing Health Management is an occupational health and safety consultant who was struggling with the management of their email and communication systems. With a primary goal to improve these two areas, Google Workspace was chosen as a cloud-based office software. Through online video courses, Shiqing’s team quickly adapted to the interface’s operational configuration. Soon after, Google Meet, Calendar, and Gmail were adapted to become key infrastructure in the daily operations of Shiqing Health Management’s workflow. Read more to find out more about the solutions TS Cloud provided to their problems.

Client Information

Company Name Shiqing Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd
Company Profile Shiqing Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd is a professional health and safety consulting organization. Expertly staffed with health professionals, Shiqing Health Management offers a wide range of occupational safety consulting and workplace risk management to businesses. In the pool of experts, psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and safety consultants form a team to assist companies in implementing effective employee workplace health management,
Industry Medical, Healthcare, Social Work
Company Size Less then 50
Introduction Date 2021


Blocked Emails and Inadequate Data Management

When Shiqing Health Management was newly established, it was company practice for employees to use their personal Gmail accounts for client communications and stored files in personal cloud drives. However, as the company expanded and the client base grew, they began to have concerns about their information security. Some clients noted they had emails blocked as personal emails with professional intent was being sent which flags as a potential danger. This grew to be more problematic over time. Additionally, as the information of clients were held in personal Gmail accounts, data scattered throughout different accounts complicated data management.

Difficulty in Conducting Employee Handover of Scattered Data

In the progress of growing as a company, so did the problems of an inefficient data management system. When there was employee turnover, scattered data and files held by personal Gmail accounts led to incomplete handovers and difficulties in data retrieval. Furthermore, in the case of the occasional employee leave or substitute, the information on customers being shared often lead to unequal information exchange and impacted the quality of service.

Rising Need of Digital Tools Among Non-Technical Skilled Employees

As a service to enhance the occupational safety and health of their clients, Shiqing Health Management conducted on-site workplace visit and provides lectures. However, due to the pandemic, these activities soon became restricted and focus turned to online alternatives to conducting meetings. The situation became increasingly more difficult as it was revealed that multiple nurses were not versed in technical application skills, making internal communication unsynchronised and rough.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Using Google Workspace for Email Management Eliminates Email Bounce Back

Implemented under the advice and recommendation of TS Cloud, Google Workspace’s Gmail allowed Shiqing Health Management to communicate with clients fearlessly. Furthemore, Google Workspace interface allows seamless sharing of data files which efficiently solved Shiqing Health Management’s main issue. The security of client emails was established.

Efficient and Smooth Handover of Data Files During Employee Turnover

Google Workspace’s cloud storage system enabled Shiqing Health Management to store data in a company-managed cloud drive. This simplified data backups and minimized the risk of data loss upon employee resignation. Additionally, for app specific files such as Docs and Sheets, shared access links helped to complete transmissions of patient information and instructions to all caregivers.

Online Video Courses for Administrative and User Training

To ensure Shiqing Health Management’s proficiency in using Google Workspace applications, TS Cloud provided an array of video training courses. These courses were available for unlimited viewing, allowing staff to learn at their convenience. Google Meet was seamlessly integrated into Shiqing Health Management’s operations, facilitating online events and remote meetings. The shared calendar feature in Google Calendar enabled employees to access each other’s schedules, enhancing communication and operations. Moreover, scheduling records were introduced in the accounting department to ensure precise calculation of working hours and payroll.

Google Workspace Applications Continues to Optimize Workflow

Thanks to TS Cloud’s support, the seamless integration of Google Workspace into Shiqing Health Management’s daily operations led to noticeable improvements in a short timeframe. The interconnected Gmail system enhanced external communication, while the unified management of various Google Workspace applications simplified data migration and handovers between departing and current team members. This eradicated data loss and provided existing employees with full access to client information.

Moreover, the online video courses offered by TS Cloud proved highly effective, equipping employees with varying technical skills to swiftly master the operations and configurations of different Google Workspace applications. Thanks to Google Workspace, Shiqing Health Management will persist in enhancing internal workflows, team efficiency, and overall productivity.

Customer Review

TS Cloud, a dynamic and youthful team, stayed in regular contact during the evaluation and implementation of Google Workspace. They consistently provided assistance and promptly delivered solutions. Even when primary contacts were unavailable, other team members efficiently addressed and resolved issues, further enhancing our trust in TS Cloud.

Mr Chen
Shiqing Health Management Co., Ltd

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