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TS Cloud aspires to go beyond merely selling accounts. We aim to empower our clients to achieve more with Google Workspace, a powerful cloud-based productivity suite that can revolutionize the way you work, enhance communication efficiency, and boost productivity. Leveraging our over 10 years of implementation experience, we have crafted a comprehensive after-sales support system for our clients. No more struggling with online research – simply hand over your issues to us, and we’ll take care of them!

➀ Exclusive Customer Care Portal Get Free Google Workspace Information

To accelerate and enhance customer service quality, TS Cloud has specially launched a website platform for annual contract customers. After registering and logging in, customers can view account information and also ask questions in real time (coming soon). During business hours, there are professional service personnel online to assist with any Google Workspace related questions or automation and development service needs.

If you encounter an issue outside of business hours, our customer service platform also provides a large number of Google Workspace administrator knowledge base articles. You can search for relevant articles on your own and follow the step by step guide to resolve your issues.

In addition, TS Cloud is continuously developing various convenient and easy-to-use online tools, such as shared address books, shared signatures, and group lists. This allows after-sales customer service to go beyond simply answering questions and provide customers with more and better value-added services.

Real-time Support via English/Chinese/Malay Chat

Instant Account Information Access

Seamless Account Addition

Real-time Support via English/Chinese/Malay Chat

Stay Updated with Google Workspace News Updates

Comprehensive Administrator Knowledge Base

Free Access to Technical Tools

➁ Education and Training Courses

To ensure a seamless transition and effective utilization of Google Workspace across the entire organization, TS Cloud offers an educational training program tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of both administrators and employees. Our training includes pre-recorded video courses for administrators and users. For detailed information, please refer to our Google Workspace Educational Training Courses page.

➂ Online WebinarsUnlocking Practical Tips for Popular Features

In addition to our paid educational courses, TS Cloud expert instructors also host regular free online webinars. This webinar aim to delve into practical tips and tricks for popular features such as Google Sheets and Google Shared Drives, empowering users to seamlessly integrate Google Workspace into their work environments. (Coming Soon)

➃ Utilize and Automate Google Workspace

While Google Workspace is intuitive and easy to use, each company or team has unique business processes. This can lead to situations where users understand the features but struggle to integrate them seamlessly into their workflows. TS Cloud is here to help! We encourage you to share your existing workflows and desired outcomes with us. Our experts will provide tailored recommendations for maximizing Google Workspace’s capabilities and, if applicable, assist in automating your current processes. For instance, we can help you create an approval system using Gmail and Sheets or integrate Google Workspace with your CRM to automate quote generation. If you believe Google Workspace can streamline your operations, our experts are eager to discuss and assist you in achieving your goals.

As a final note, we’ve compiled a service comparison table. It clearly shows that resellers offer more comprehensive customer support compared to Google directly. TS Cloud goes above and beyond even other resellers, striving for the highest standard of service. If you haven’t chosen a reseller yet, contact us to experience TS Cloud’s professionalism and dedication to service firsthand!

Service Comparison Table

Features Google Official Other Resellers TS Cloud
Account and billing issues O O O
Google Workspace feature questions O O O
Features update notifications O O O
Customized training X O O
Client Setup issue X O O
Customer Support Platform X O
Google Workspace administrator knowledge base O O
Quick view of subscription information O X O
Google Workspace free value-added tools X O
Google Workspace utilization consultation X X O
Google Workspace automation consultation X X O
Google Workspace usage tips workshops O (English) O (English/Chinese/Malay)
Average response Time 30 Min – 2 Hrs 8 Hrs 15 Min
Support Hours 24 Hours
365 days
Support Fees FREE (Subject to consultant fee) FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

QHow to use TS Cloud Google Workspace Customer Care Portal?


To provide more immediate support services, we have specially established a customer care portal. Simply register and log in with your Google Workspace account, and our experts will quickly resolve your issues via chat.

QHow do I add an account?


Please fill out the “Add Account Application” form through the customer care portal and we will assist you as soon as possible.

QWhat are the TS Cloud Google Workspace customer care business hours?


Our experts’ response time is weekdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and we are also closed on weekends and holidays.

QDoes TS Cloud charge for Google Workspace customer support?


No, this is a FREE service we provide to our customers.

QWhat training programs does TS Cloud offer?


We offer pre-recorded online video courses. Please contact us for more information.

QWhat is Google Workspace automation consultation?


The familiar features of Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar can be used to create custom applications through APIs or Google AppSheet. Please contact us for more information.

QHow can I join the online webinar?


The online webinar is currently held irregularly. We will send invitations to our customers to sign up for participation. Please stay tuned for emails by TS Cloud.

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