Aviation Communication Modernized by Apex Flight Academy


Apex Flight Academy, Taiwan’s first aviation training center, sought a more stable and secure email system before its launch in 2014. With TS Cloud’s assistance, they adopted Google Workspace and have been leveraging cloud tools like Sites and Google Sheets for the past 5 years. This allowed real-time updates on OEM technical data and Civil Aviation Authority regulations, improving communication with internal and external stakeholders. It showcases how niche, paper-trailed industries can benefit from modern cloud platforms.

Client Information

Company Name Apex Flight Academy
Company Profile Apex Flight Academy is Taiwan’s first private aviation training center. In addition to being certified by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the Academy holds certification in both academic and flight training disciplines making them highly experienced in their field. The company’s headquarters is located in the Neihu District of Taipei City, with the main training base situated at Taifung Fongnian Airport
Industry Civil Aviation
Company Size 50 – 100
Introduction Date 2014


Before After
Traditional email systems required the backup of email files to prevent data loss With Gmail, data is now securely stored in the cloud
Sharing of company announcements had to be sent to individual accounts Using a collaborative platform, a single post in a shared portal creates a unified announcement for everyone to read
Data was scattered across paper and Excel files which made locating and filing information difficult Google Sheets allows all parties to seamlessly access the up-to-date files at the same time


Gmail Provides Stability and Security

In the past, as Flight Academy prepared for its opening, a small outsourced mail system was its reliance. However, as the company envisioned future growth, the increased operational demand prompted a search for a more reliable and secure email provider. Drawing from the prior experience of Apex’s Business Executive during a trial of Google Workspace’s free version (no longer available), the notable stability and security of Gmail Business Email in Google Workspace stood out. The shift to cloud-based data security promptly alleviated concerns about hard drive failures, email conversions, and backups that often plagued traditional email systems. Consequently, a decision was reached to implement Google Workspace, guided by TS Cloud’s expertise and planning. Shortly after the academy’s launch, Apex Training Academy made a seamless transition to the robust Gmail Business Email.

Team Portal Creation Made Easy

In the Aviation Industry, particularly at Apex Flight Academy, flight safety remains the foremost operational concern. Consequently, continuous updates are imperative for aircraft maintenance, safety protocols, and manufacturer manuals. To ensure seamless coordination and information alignment, there was a pressing need for a real-time sharing platform. Leveraging Google Workspace’s ‘Sites’ tool, an internal portal was swiftly developed within a week, even without prior experience, enhancing cross-department communications effectively.

Furthermore, the transition from scattered paper and Excel files to a single unified collaborative tool has streamlined operations in a huge way. Information exchanges are extremely immediate and precise now. Apex Flight Academy, as part of daily operations, frequently liaises with the Civil Aeronautics Administration to verify routine maintenance tasks and usage records. Through Google Sheets, files containing such information are shared directly with the appropriate parties, making real-time information sharing possible, and ensuring safer flight training sessions. Google Workspace not only improved internal communications but also significantly enhanced external communication processes.

Google Workspace Continues to Impress After 5 Years

The Information Director of Apex Flight Academy notes the ongoing value of Google Workspace over 5 years. Significant capital has been saved on IT devices and server setup and maintenance. The saved work hours are immeasurable. For example, employees can now search emails using Gmail’s keyword search, greatly enhancing productivity and efficiency. This demonstrates Google Workspace’s remarkable value for small and medium-sized enterprises.

TS Cloud’s Comments

Apex Flight Academy’s experience with Google Workspace over the past 5 years is noteworthy. Beyond cost savings in setup and maintenance, daily office operations have significantly improved. Employees accustomed to Outlook spent time searching for scattered emails across folders in the past. Now, they find it almost instantly with Gmail’s keyword search. This enhancement is particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises, where it offers a cost-effective cloud-based tool that surpasses expectations, enhancing productivity and value.

(TS Cloud Specialist, Claire)

Apex Flight Academy IT Manager and TS Cloud Specialist, Claire

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