Chien Shing Co., Ltd Synchronizes Email Systems on Google Workspace


Chien Shing Co., Ltd (Chien Shing) is Taiwan’s sole integrated logistics solutions provider and has been struggling to effectively prevent cyber attacker and information security risks from occurring with their old system, which had led to missing emails and their domain being blacklisted several times. Upon changing to Google Workspace with TS Cloud, their problems did not end there. Chien Shing was concerned that workflow would be dramatically impacted if their whole system was changed. TS Cloud had a solution.

Find out how TS Cloud integrated and synchronised both Gmail and Outlook systems into Chien Shing’s office suite to accomodate for all employees.

Client Information

Chien Shing Harbour Service Co., Ltd

Company Name Chien Shing Harbour Service Co., Ltd
Company Profile Chien Shing Harbour Service Co., Ltd, established in 1976, serves as Taiwan’s exclusive provider of integrated logistics solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including customs clearance, general cargo vessel operations, automated coal handling and storage, transportation, warehousing, and container distribution facilities.
Industry Custom Declaration, Warehousing, Transportation, and Logistics
Around 470
Introduction Date 2019


Facing an Insecure Email Provider and a Black Listed Domain

In the past, Chien Shing used an email system provider that was called Sendmail, an internally hosted email-sending software that is considered obsolete today. This system however became a security risk due to its susceptibility to spam attacks, resulting in frequent blacklisting of the company’s domain. This situation caused significant disruptions to email communications. The system’s outdated nature also hindered necessary upgrades and maintenance.

Three Days Spent on Debugging Emails

Before the implementation of Google Workspace, Chien Shing employees frequently encountered email issues, such as missing, blocked, or malfunctioning emails. IT personnel spent an average of two to three workdays each week troubleshooting these email problems. This significantly impeded their focus on development tasks and critical processes.

Fear of A New System and the Thought of Re-Learning

During the consideration of a new email system, Chien Shing’s main concern was minimizing the impact on employees accustomed to the Outlook interface. With 300GB of email data and worries about workflow disruptions, the assurance of synchronized and accessible files in both systems was vital.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Defending against cyberattacks and spam with Gmail

After evaluating multiple email systems, Chien Shing selected Google Workspace due to Google’s local data center in Taiwan and its mobile device convenience. Gmail effectively detected and blocked spam and phishing emails, reducing cyber threats and eliminating the need for constant system patching. This change particularly benefited the IT department by reallocating their time.

Elimination of Email Receival Errors, Smooth Email Communication Established

In addition to Gmail’s machine learning software for filtering spam emails, its “whitelist” feature ensured that Chien Shing could receive emails from any approved domains without issues. Additionally, on top of saving IT technicians from debugging emails, administrators, users, and customers all benefited from the improved stability of Google Workspace’s Gmail. Important emails could not be missed anymore.

Specialized Assistance in Gmail and Outlook Synchronization

By understanding Chien Shing’s concerns regarding user interface adaptation, TS Cloud provided recommendations and tools during the pre-production phase. This enabled the utilization of IMAP to modify SMTP settings, which facilitated real-time synchronization of email messages across devices. As a result, effective and seamless integration between Gmail and Outlook was achieved. This eliminated the necessity for some colleagues to adjust to a new interface and calmed the initial concern that transitioning between system interfaces might impede their daily work and business operations. In doing so, today Chien Shing’s Email operates on two different interfaces, which addressed the concern for workflow interruption from switching email system interfaces.

Results & Benefits

Reallocation of Time to Develop New Automated Systems

By improving email hosting and solving virus-related issues and system updates, the IT department was relieved from prolonged email debugging. This allowed more focus on automation and system development, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Additionally, different stakeholders at various Taiwan ports benefited from Google Workspace’s collaborative features and real-time information updates. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Google Meet became essential for remote meetings, making communication more convenient and workflow smoother.

Customer Review

TS Cloud’s prompt responses and support have definitely made an impact on us. Their ability to respond within one working day or less, especially in time-sensitive situations is highly valued. Professional feedback and updates from them are invaluable, we are thankful for TS Cloud’s support.

Information Room Manager Fang Zhisheng
System Engineer Su Xinwen

Gmail to Outlook Transition

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