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Experience Speed And Expert Support

Experience Speed And Expert Support

What is Google Workspace?All the Essential Tools for the Office

Google Workspace is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to help businesses boost productivity.

Over 5 million businesses worldwide rely on Google Workspace. This suite of cloud-based tools including email, calendaring, document editing, spreadsheets, presentations, online forms, web conferencing, and chat lets you work seamlessly anytime, anywhere from any device with just an internet connection.

TS Cloud ServicesGoogle Workspace Setup & Support

More Than Just Accounts, We Deliver Complete Setup & Support Services

Google Workspace Account Sales

Google Workspace Account SalesAccount Sales

Skip the guesswork of choosing the right Google Workspace plan. By analyzing your needs, we recommend the best plan and guide you through setup. Plus, get dedicated online customer support (annual contract customers) and utilize our support every step of the way.

Google Workspace Plans & Pricing Table
Hybrid Email Setup
Domain Management

Google Workspace Technical Support

Google Workspace Technical SupportTechnical Support

Don’t have a dedicated IT team or need Google Workspace up and running fast? We’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures a seamless setup and training for your teams, empowering them to use Google Workspace effectively.

Quick Fix Support
Managed Service
Email Migration
Online Courses

Billing Support

Billing SupportBilling Support

Simplify your Google Workspace budgeting with our convenient invoicing in MYR and flexible payment options. No credit cards are required! Plus, you only pay for what you use.

Google Workspace Flexible Plan

Google Workspace Extended Features

Google Workspace Extended FeaturesExtended Features

Supercharge your Google Workspace with TS Cloud’s powerful API integrations. Unlock a new level of efficiency by connecting your favorite tools and workflows seamlessly.

Gemini for Google Workspace
Email Automation
Notification Automation

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TS Cloud’s FeaturesServing Google Workspace for 17 Years

TS Cloud has been empowering businesses with Google Workspace. We deliver a wealth of experience and expertise, having served various organizations worldwide. Our commitment to exceptional service is unwavering, as evidenced by our dedicated support team of Google Workspace experts. Whether you’re just starting your Google Workspace journey or looking to optimize your current setup, TS Cloud is here to guide you every step of the way.

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No matter where you are in your Google Workspace deployment journey, we're here to help. Whether you're just starting out and need help choosing a plan, or you're already using Google Workspace and want to switch partners, our team of experts can provide you with the support you need. We can also answer any questions you have about Google Workspace, such as how to get started or what features are available, etc.

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Google Workspace FAQ


At the core of team collaboration within Google Workspace lie features like secure Gmail business email, cloud storage with Drive, high-quality Meet video conferencing, a shared team calendar, and the internal communication platform Chat. These are complemented by collaborative tools for documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations.

Google Workspace offers 9 plans to meet your business needs.
Frontline Starter caters to frontline workers with essential communication and collaboration tools. Frontline Standard builds on that foundation with enhanced security controls.
Business Starter provides core cloud office functionality, while Business Standard caters to departmental teams with added features. Business Plus upgrades security for businesses requiring it.
For organizations with existing email systems, Enterprise Essentials offers core Workspace features, while Enterprise Plus adds advanced data protection. Enterprise Standard caters to larger organizations needing advanced management and customization, and Enterprise Plus provides the highest level of security.

You have two options for purchasing Google Workspace, either direct purchase from Google (registered in Singapore) using a credit card or purchase through us, a Google reseller located in Malaysia.

For more information, see our guide on "Official vs. Reseller Purchases" for details.

Small businesses can leverage your nimble workforce for a faster Google Workspace migration. TS Cloud offers a one-stop solution, including domain registration, DNS management, and just a 3-day setup with a dedicated rep. We can even assist you in managing your Google Workspace Admin Console while you get your team to focus on core business activities.

Migrating large companies to Google Workspace requires a more cautious, phased approach due to existing systems and equipment. We can ease this complexity with our years of experience with our service offerings such as Email migration service, seamless integration of your existing email with Google Workspace, and even custom API integration services. Additionally, we empower your employees with online training courses to ensure a smooth transition and rapid adoption of Google Workspace's functionalities.