Long Awaited System Transition Away from Plain-Text Systems Software


With the assistance of TS Cloud, CogoodSpace has successfully transitioned from its old system to the latest version of Google Workspace. With the expert guidance of TS Cloud’s in-house specialist, the process was smooth with no data loss and comprised of a comprehensive integration of existing and new applications and tools into CogoodSpace’s Google Workspace. Find out more about CogoodSpace’s experience with TS Cloud’s system transfer service.

Cogood Space Co., Ltd

Client Information

Company name Cogood Space Co., Ltd
Company Profile CogoodSpace, at Tainan City’s heart, offers multifunctional shared spaces for rentals and business address registration. It fosters connections between entrepreneurs and professionals. The building boasts distinct floor layouts, catering to diverse events. Cogood strives to create a versatile shared space, uniting “offices, art curation, and entrepreneurial resources.
Industry Property
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date 2022


Outdated and Unfriedly System Interface, Text-Only Signature

In its startup phase, CogoodSpace relied on a Taiwanese virtual hosting provider and its email suite. However, the provider’s application interface was user-unfriendly and lacked features. This was a challenge for a young team. Over time, email design has evolved to include colorful and image-rich signatures, but CogoodSpace’s system only supported text signatures. This limitation stifled their potential and prompted consideration of a system switch.

Danger of Data Loss in Transitional Phases Without IT Personnel

Contrasting to many organizations in operation today, CogoodSpaces’s core philosophy is centered around achieving a balance of 50/50 work and play. Therefore, there was always an openness to try different systems that could enhance the quality of work for their employees. However, with the lack of IT manpower, there were fears about potential data losses and operational disruptions when considering a system switch

Inability to Work Remotely Due to Resource Limitation

As a modern and diverse space solutions company, CogoodSpace has been eager to embrace the future of remote working. Considering that multiple employees were in a situation where they lived abroad, the inability to work and attend meetings online was bothersome and very inconvenient. To facilitate effective communication and collaboration, they required a reliable video conferencing tool.

Furthermore, there was always an irony that CogoodSpace’s office did not have a streamlined and unified reservation system for meeting spaces. This led to multiple occurrences of double bookings which involved clients. This caused the priority for a video conferencing system to be exceptionally high in CogoodSpace’s vision of an organized management system.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Transition to Google Workspace for a modern and highly integrated system

Within the thought processes of CogoodSpace, the two most widely used options for cloud system provider was evaluated and compared i.e., Google Workspace and Outlook. The selection depended on the criteria of a low learning curve, user-friendly ensign, and high integration capabilities.

Given that the majority of CogoodSpace’s employees are already heavy users personnel Gmail accounts have used various Google applications such as Drive, Forms, Docs, and Sheets for work as a student or in their past working experiences, a conclusion came too that Google Workspace had the lower learning curve and it is more user friendly. In addition, other cloud-based project management platforms were already in use at the time, hence it had to be compatible with the new system. Therefore, the decision to adopt Google Workspace was driven by its user-friendliness, high integration potential, and the quick onboarding process offered by Google and TS Cloud themselves.

Smooth Transition with TS Cloud’s Assistance

CogoodSpace explained that due to their need for an assisted systematic transition between systems, they have evaluated multiple Google Workspace resellers before collaborating with TS Cloud. During this discussion period, TS Cloud stood out among the other resellers as they demonstrated professionalism and enthusiasm for sharing their services and were chosen. Under the guidance of specialist Rose, TS Cloud’s assistance during the system transition resulted in a seamless technical configuration without the loss of any data or operational integrity.

Google Meets Utilised, Efficient Internal Resource Management

In addition to Gmail for business, Google Workspaces provides an abundance of collaborative and productivity tools for video conferencing, scheduling, storage, drafting, and presentations. Following the guidance offered by TS Cloud’s Rose, CogoodSpace now leverages Meet for remote meetings on a regular basis, offering flexibility in terms of time and location. Additionally, using an integrated system, a meeting room reservation system was built with TS Cloud’s help.

Internal Collaboration Capabilities Enhanced with Google Workspace

CogoodSpace’s youthful team, well-versed in Google apps, swiftly embraced Google Workspace with TS Cloud’s guidance. They efficiently managed emails using Gmail’s group mailbox, conducted remote meetings with Meet, and resolved room scheduling issues with shared calendars. TS Cloud, a Google Workspace Premier Partner, offered added services like a customer platform and triple invoicing, enhancing internal collaboration at CogoodSpace.

Customer Review

The responses and aid received from TS Cloud is truly prompt and comprehensive for easy understanding. We are thankful for their assistance, especially to specialist Rose during the transitionary period. We regularly receive TS Cloud’s informative newsletter and forward it to our colleagues. This allows everybody in CogoodSpace to collectively leverage the tips and tricks offered by Google Workspace.

MR. Xu

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