SEYA Co., Ltd Implements 3CX and Pipedrive for Improved Communications and Customer Service


SEYA Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company that has moved to implement the PBX system, 3CX, with Google Workspace into their workflow to address the challenges they are facing with their continuous expansion. In the process, Pipedrive was implemented as a sales process management system to efficiently digitalize their extensive customer data too. From the guidance of TS Cloud, SEYA now enjoys a comprehensive communications system, and a greater ability to elevate their quality of customer service. Continue reading to find out their specific needs and how it was solved together with TS Cloud.

SEYA Co., Ltd

Client Information

Company Name SEYA Co., Ltd
Company Profile SEYA Co., Ltd, established in 1989, specializes in precision grinding and mirror polishing. Initially, an importer of grinding materials from the United States and Japan, nonetheless, today SEYA is a leading integrator of grinding solutions and organizes and fosters industry knowledge exchanges. They tailor situations to the specific needs of clients and provide comprehensive system integration services.
Industry Manufacturing
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date 2022


Expanding Operations Across Floors Without Physical Equipment

In recent years, SEYA Co., Ltd has actively expanded its operations, leading to a consistent growth in employee numbers. In order to enhance efficiency, SEYA has strategically restructured its organization, establishing distinct departments across separate floors to accommodate the expanding workforce. With each expansion, the incorporation of essential phone lines, sockets, and wiring infrastructure has played a pivotal role.

Nonetheless, the existing physical PBX system imposed restrictions on the number of available lines. While assessing the financial and time-related costs of another upgrade, SEYA made the decision to explore a wireless phone system that could meet their current requirements and accommodate their growth.

Inconsistent Communication and Limited Call Record Storage

Catering to both domestic and international clients, SEYA employees frequently travel, requiring them to step out of the office. However, employees were limited to contacting clients using their personal phones or social media platforms, which did not maintain a professional image. This not only inconvenienced employees but also created scattered call records, posing a challenge for SEYA’s management.

During emergencies, employees frequently had to search through contact lists and LINE chat records to find contact numbers. This emphasized the urgent need for a communication platform like 3CX, which enables external communication synchronization tools and provides robust management features.

Misplaced and Complex Customer Data, Time-Consuming Retrievals

Since 1989, SEYA has consistently grown its services and organizational size, resulting in increasingly intricate customer data. Notably, some of this information still exists in physical, paper-based formats.

As the employee count steadily increased, situations arose where customer calls couldn’t be efficiently routed to the appropriate departments. Since SEYA takes great pride in their commitment to delivering excellent service, these instances indicated a management gap and necessitated hardware upgrades and enhanced communication methods.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Unlimited Extensions with 3CX Hosted on Google Workspace

To address their communication requirements, SEYA embarked on a search for business-oriented wireless telephone systems. Following a recommendation from TS Cloud, they opted for 3CX as their cloud PBX, hosted on Google Workspace.

SEYA leveraged the seamless integration of 3CX with Google Workspace. This enhanced phone line scalability, eliminated downtime during equipment modifications, and removed the need for additional servers for internal communication.

Using extension lines, employees can now make internal calls. Additionally, as Google Workspace service is global, 3CX is found to be exceptionally stable and reliable. Placing 3CX on Google Workspace ensures that there is no latency during calls which delivers an optimal calling experience for users.

Enhanced Call Efficiency and Security with 3CX and Google Workspace

Available on desktop and mobile, 3CX applications integrate with Google Workspace which allows SEYA employees to use the company’s main number from either device in any location where this is WiFi. This integration ensures that communication records are seamlessly preserved regardless of their location.

Furthermore, 3CX is completely integrated with Pipedrive, a sales process management tool. When SEYA receives a call, relevant customer information will be displayed, which enhances the quality and efficiency of their customer service.

Additionally, through a configuration made by TS Cloud, Snapshot backup functions are now available within Google Workspace for SEYA. This implements a special monitoring dashboard to ensure the smooth operation of 3CX. Moreover, 3CX’s security, privacy, and regulatory compliance mechanisms have successfully safeguarded MarkerX Exploration Corp. against malicious attacks through the phone system. This provides SEYA with a high level of confidence to confidently utilize 3CX as a secure solution to their PBX system issues.

Comprehensive Solutions and Real Time Technical Support from TS Cloud

Looking forward to their future expansion plans, SEYA engaged in detailed discussions with TS Cloud to ensure the solutions provided are aligned with specific needs. TS Cloud provided SEYA with a comprehensive proposal plan whereby a demo was provided with an extended trial period too. This ensured that the solution was tried and tested for real-world effectiveness

During the implementation stages of 3CX, as a Google Premier Partner, TS Cloud facilitated SEYA with a Google Workspace trial fee as an additional benefit. Through dedicated project managers and technical support teams, TS Cloud ensured a seamless implementation process and a fully configured digital environment for SEYA..

Furthermore, TS Cloud provided exceptional real-time technical support. Today, SEYA experiences a smoother workflow and minimizes an abundance of unnecessary hassles during their usage.

TS Cloud’s Problem Solving Tool Arsenal

TS Cloud has aided SEYA in their implementation of 3CX with Google Workspace, together with the sales process management system Pipedrive. Currently, SEYA benefit from the ability to transfer internal calls and contact colleagues who are out of the office with ease and hassle-free.

For any product-related issues or technical support, TS Cloud ensures smooth communication and issue-solving solutions. This streamlined workflow has boosted the morale and overall efficiency of SEYA employees. Additionally, with 3CX and Pipedrive’s successful implementation in SEYA’s Google Workspace, communication across organizational departments and customers has never been easier.

Furthermore, with these tools SEYA has improved the management of communication records and customer data. Thanks to the monitoring provided by TS Cloud on Google Workspace, SEYA has been encountered any major issues during its usage. By allowing TS CLoud to help them in this process, SEYA has solved their problems and now benefits from smoother workflow and ultimately an overall boost in operational efficiency.

Customer Review

From our experience with TS Cloud, responses have been quick. Specialist Tim responds to product development within a day, regardless of whether there is a solution yet. We at SEYA really feel the support from TS Cloud and as customers, we can feel the progress being made in our situation.

As a suggestion for other companies, the sooner the tools are implemented the better. When customer data begins to extensively accumulate, organizing it all at once is a massive job. Using these digital assisting tools can truly help businesses to reduce a lot of this effort.

SEYA Co., Ltd

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