Efficient and Flexible Workstyle with Google Workspace


Hatakuri in Nagano, Japan, is harnessing the power of Google Workspace to enhance their work efficiency and embrace flexible workstyles. Google Workspace plays an indispensable role in the internal support system of Hatakuri, whereby it supports the implementation of remote work and task automation while contributing to the recognition of several business awards. Find out how Natakuri has leveraged Google Workspace to solve their problems, and the results of the proper implementation of it.

Client Information

Company Name Hatakuri Co., Ltd
Company Profile At our core, our mission is to “create work and enhance work enjoyment.” Our primary service, “Banso” is a flexible service that aids in outsourcing work. We are honoured to have received awards, such as “Innovation Award of 2020 Good Career Company and the “Excellent Award” in HRM Division of Japan’s 8th HR Challenge Awards.
Industry Information Technology
Company Size More than 100
Introduction Date 2017


Remote Access to Documents

Since our inception, we have aimed to eliminate the necessity for employees to be physically present in the workplace. However, this was not the case. Recognizing the need for remote work, we aimed to enable employees to access documents online and work efficiently from anywhere.

Efficiently Implementing a Remote Working Policy

When the time to introduce a remote working policy arrived, it was crucial that all documents could be brought online and a stress-free web conferencing tool was available. As an internal company culture, our meetings are characterized by the use of many sticky notes in offline meetings. We believed that if we could do the same in online meetings, going to the office was no longer necessary.

Reduce Back Office Work Times on Indirect Tasks

Within our company, the back office plays a vital operational role in handling various indirect tasks such as attendance management, inventory control, and document organization. In order to boost efficiency, we aimed to lessen the burden of indirect tasks by transitioning to a cloud-based solution that offered some degree of automation.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Efficient Document Management on Google Drive

With the help of TS Cloud, we have centralized many company documents on Google Drive, allowing flexible access from anywhere. Using “Shared Drive”, we streamlined shared file management and access permissions too. Furthermore, Google Search’s seamless integration with Google Drive has enhanced our workflow efficiency as we simply search for files now.

Achieving Efficient Web Meetings with Google Meet and Jamboard

Now powered by Google Workspace, we have efficiently combined the power of Google Meet with Jamboard to allow us to finally conduct flexible brainstorming sessions in online meetings. Jamboard enables us to seamlessly place virtual sticky notes and take notes at the same time, providing a level of productivity that rivals our physical meetings.

In addition to Jamboard’s effectiveness within our online meetings, the ability to seamlessly access Jamboard from the Google Meet interface is another point of appreciation that must be mentioned. With both Google Meet and Jamboard in Google Workspace, there is a major advantage to working with Google Workspace as there is no longer any need to purchase tools separately.

flexible work with Jamboard in online meeting

Reducing Back-Office Work by 80 Hours Among 130 Employees

We successfully reduced the workload of back-office tasks by 50%, an 80-hour reduction. We achieved this by utilizing Google Apps Script to automate a variety of processes and integrate tools that were previously handled manually. In doing so, back office employees have much more flexible time to focus on core activities.

From here, we have successfully established a system where monthly business reports are automated. This allows us to quickly detect and address any anomalies that may occur, even in the middle of the month. There is no longer the need to wait for monthly reports to take action.

Results & Benefits

Today, Google Workspace can be said to be the infrastructure of our organization. It enables the accustomed flexible work and operational efficiency of our current internal situation. We are glad to have met with TS Cloud and transitioned to Google Workspace before Covid-19 as during that period, we shifted without major disruptions. Opting for remote work today is a normal occurrence when commuting becomes difficult.

Customer Review

Google Workspace has become an integral part of our organization. Moving forward, we plan to implement the use of Google Classroom for new employee training and enhancing proficiencies in the no-code application, AppSheet, to further improve efficiency and diversification of our workstyle.


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