Google Workspace Drives Efficient Workflow at Galileo Co., Ltd


Galileo Co., Ltd. in Nagano, Japan has adopted Google Workspace to collectively link its internal systems and enhance overall work efficiency. Due to it being a challenge for employees to adjust to the new system, the company conducted a phased departmental transition before implementing the transition across the entire organization. We spoke to them about the background that led to them choosing Google Workspace and the efforts made by the implementation team in addressing the challenges. Here are the solutions to their many challenges.

Client Information

Company Name Galileo Co., Ltd.
Company Profile A 33-year-old veteran in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), this venture company is dedicated to creating innovative services by adopting cutting-edge technologies. With a mission to provide fresh value to society, they’ve been pioneers of remote work since their inception. Their services span international news translation, mobile news distribution, and innovative ventures into sensor technology, ICT, IoT, and sustainable energy solutions.
Industry Information Technology
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date 2021


Inefficiency At The Hands of Asynchronized Tool Adoption

Prior to the integration of Google Workspace, we had serious problems with having too many independent tools. Without a synced internal system, each tool used separate accounts which came with it’s own username and password. As a result, a substantial amount of time was always spent on locating them which impacted our overall productivity.

To combat this, we have recognized the need for universally accessible services across entire organizations and centralizing account management. Standardizing the tools used in our workplace has become a real challenge

Server Access Issues and File Errors

As the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated increased remote work, our vulnerabilities became evident. We encountered frequent network issues when accessing internal shared servers away from the office. Eventually, data access slowed down, leading to sluggish file downloads and recurring file opening errors.

As these problems grew exceedingly common, employee motivation levels plummeted and frustration built up. The need for smooth access, file sharing, and simultaneous editing from anywhere became an urgent priority to facilitate seamless work and to restore team spirit and motivation.

Time Consuming Email Management and Operating System

Prior to the introduction of Google Workspace, our email system was hosted on an in-house server which performed badly. Due to this, we had to resolve each issue internally. This incurred significant time and expenses for maintenance and security measures.

The server, acting as our mailing system, necessitated PC startup and operation before enabling email reception, processing, and sorting. This meant that email delivery only commenced after the PC was up and running, leading to numerous requests from employees for a faster email system.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Incorporating Google Workspace for Smoother Daily Operations

Introducing Google Workspace and providing all employees with Google accounts has notably enhanced our organizational workflow. Today, we widely utilize Google Calendar as a Workspace tool to effortlessly schedule meetings, thanks to its visible calendar feature.

Additionally, by incorporating Google Workspace’s services, we’ve greatly improved information access. Now, searching for information, which used to entail multiple inconvenient steps, is as simple as using Cloud Search.

Efficient Workflow and Accessibility with Shared Folders on Google Drive

Today, Google Drive enables seamless data sharing and stress-free collaborative editing with simultaneous access. A stable internet connection empowers our team to work conveniently from remote locations, eliminating the challenges associated with slow data access and file downloads. In departments dealing with numerous documents, Google Drive allows employees to edit data without encountering format changes. Additionally, the implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) offers enhanced security and peace of mind for our external operations.

Enhanced Security and Reduced Email Sorting Time with Gmail

With Gmail as our new mailing provider, we have noticed Gmail’s effective resistance to spam and viruses within a couple of days. We can safely say that Gmail has significantly reduced administrative workload.

Furthermore, because emails are now received in real-time, team members are able to check contents quickly. The time that was previously allocated for launching the PC and waiting for emails to arrive has been finally eliminated and can be reallocated to take part in more important tasks.

Results & Benefits

By consolidating our tools within Google Workspace, we managed to not only enhance our internal work structure but also ensure robust security. While we are still in the transitional phase, we are not without challenges.

As we progressively adapt to the new tools and interface, we look towards shifting our mindset from replicating previous tools’ usages to embracing Google Workspace’s services. Today, Google Workspace is still being increasingly recognized internally for its user-friendliness and convenience

Looking ahead, we aim to make effective use of aspects of Google Workspace that lay untouched and we intend for our employees to become increasingly more accustomed to it every day.

Customer Review

The introduction of Google Workspace has been great. It has improved our workflow efficiency, internal communication, and collaboration within our organization. Employees are actively utilizing chat rooms for comfortable and convenient discussions, and this extends to communication between our Ueda and Tokyo branches too. In cases where issues cannot be resolved internally, we turn to TS Cloud for assistance and always receive valuable solutions. We greatly appreciate the excellent support provided.


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