TSK Co., Ltd. Initiates Worldwide Data Sharing With Google Workspace


TSK Corporation from Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, introduced Google Workspace in October 2021 with the aim of enhancing overall operational efficiency. Starting with 30 accounts, today they have realized the benefits of improved data sharing and have reduced document costs among employees. We spoke to the company, who are now at least 60 accounts strong and are currently transitioning from legacy services to Google Workspace, to learn about their experiences and achievements post-implementation.

Client Information

Company Information TSK Co., Ltd.
Founded 83 years ago, we specialize in coordinating logistics and packaging services to meet our customers’ needs. Our company culture surrounds the philosophy of “KAIZEN” (continuous improvement) to drive ourselves to undertake over 2500 activities annually. This dedication has resulted in our achievement of the Japan Packaging Award for 17 consecutive years. Recently committing to a new Kaizen strategy, we aspire to achieve greater heights.
Industry Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Consulting
Company Size More than 100 people
Introduction Date October 2021


Difficulty in Remote Data Access

Previously, data was commonly stored on internal servers, making remote access inconvenient and a security risk. Due to this, it was difficult for off-site sales representatives and external collaborators to collect and access data. To enhance remote accessibility, we sought to improve data-storage solutions.

Simultaneous Data Access Challenges and Costly Delays

Another data-related issue employees faced often was accessing the data together with other employees. With conventional data formats, files could only be opened by one person at a time which resulted in “waiting” times between work. The inability for multiple people to view or edit the same data at the same time was stressful and cost employees time and money.

Extensive Paper Document Handling and Administrative Workload

For context, monthly department reports are submitted in various formats by different individuals which makes data collection extremely inconvenient. Using paper for each report, survey, and meeting, often amounts to a large waste each month which we as a company do not prefer. We aimed to reach an efficient solution to standardize reporting and reduce costs.

Solutions By TS Cloud

Improved Data Accessibility with Google Workspace Integration

Since starting data management on Google Drive, access to it has become almost effortless from both internal and external devices. Our sales team who travels frequently finds it particularly convenient as they can update and access data from anywhere to make proposals. An added bonus is the ability to access data on smartphones too.

Salesperson remotely accessing Google Drive
Salesperson remotely accessing Google Drive

Collaborative Data Editing and Efficiency Enhancement

Google Sheets’s ability to allow for simultaneous access has effectively eliminated the stress of someone editing and preventing others from making changes. This feature has resulted in significant improvements in teamwork efficiency in terms of improving real-time editing, content discussion, and most importantly streamlining reports. Additionally, the administrative burden has been reduced and overall work is boosted.

Collaborate use of Google Sheets

Streamlined Employee Surveys, Response Compilations, and Document Cost Reduction

With Google Workspace, we have integrated Google Forms into our internal surveys which have reduced paper usage and ultimately simplified the process. For example, employees effortlessly created, distributed, and analyzed the automatic data compilation. This saved an abundance of time and resources, hence we plan to utilize this tool for future feedback collection.

Results & Benefits

In October 2021, Google Workspace’s Business Starter plan was started with 30 accounts. As we grew, so did the value of Google Workspace in our working environment which led us to upgrade to the Business Standard plan with around 50 accounts, covering half our team. Since adopting Google Workspace, we have noticed improvements in operational efficiency and lightened workloads for our team members. Google Workspace has successfully alleviated past problems and has enhanced productivity.

Customer Review

Currently, Google Workspace is still unique to our sales and administration teams however, in the future we plan to incorporate it into our productive department’s on-site work i.e. KAIZEN, and establish this working model for a company-wide adoption. We look forward to a smooth transition with TS Cloud’s after-sales service and the use of existing services alongside Google Workspace. Its customization options make it truly easy for our team to be efficient while meeting their needs.


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