Hunet Co. Streamlines Data Sharing to Reduce Administrative Workload


Hunet Corporation adopted Google Workspace in October 2021 with a focus on optimizing cloud services and streamlining operations. The implementation primarily targeted staff involved in data sharing across locations and within the company. They have seen tangible benefits in handling large data exchanges and storage. Learn more about their experience and post-implementation outcomes

Client Information

Company Name Hunet Co., Ltd
Company Profile We are an OEM who annually crafts over 1000 innovative designs. We aim to drive end-to-end product development from design to logistics. Apart from OEM, we look to pioneer sports AR fusion, serve healthcare, and focus on eco-friendly food like “Crickets.” We are headquartered in Matsuyama, Ehime and our reach extends to Tokyo, China, Vietnam, and the U.S. with close to 200 employees as of February 2022.
Industry Manufacturing, Trading, Retail, Logistics
Company Size 59 Employees Domestically (As of February 2022)
Introduction Date October 2021


Data Inaccessibility at Branches with Delayed Data Sharing

Before Google Workspace, all our internal data was stored and managed on a central file server at our headquarters. However, security measures limited employee access from outside the headquarters, creating challenges for our domestic and international branches

As a result, internal data-sharing often involved sending attachments or using data transfer services, both of which raised security concerns as they could corrupt the integrity of our files. From this struggle, we aimed to facilitate data access while maintaining security and explore cloud services that would streamline data sharing across branches.

Capacity Constraints and Concerns of Data Backup on Devices

Due to substantial data-file sizes, we often struggled with server space limitations and the server was often running at maximum capacity. this always left room for a potential crash. Data that couldn’t be stored on the server was temporarily saved in local folders on personal devices. However, this approach raised concerns about data management challenges for the company. The absence of backups in case of personal device failures was a large concern too.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Cloud-Based Data Sharing for Secure Collaboration and Management

With the implementation of Google Workspace across our global workspaces, storing data in the cloud has allowed us to seamlessly share and access essential information from anywhere, not just in headquarters. The necessity for data exchange through email has been eliminated and our security and management have improved greatly in security too.

Multiple Google Workspace Plans For Cost Effectiveness and Data Storage

In the process of moving our data from internal servers and personal devices to Google Drive and to accommodate large design files, TS Cloud has helped us to manage our accounts cost-effectively using both Business Starter and Business Standard editions. This approach ensures secure data storage and stacked benefits from Google Workspace.

Additionally, the data stored in the cloud provides us great peace of mind in the case of personal device damages and the prevention of critical data loss

Results & Benefits

After comparing several cloud services, we implemented Google Workspace because of it’s cost-effectiveness. Since then, we have seen a significant improvement in data management and sharing, which addressed and fixed the issues we faced in the past.

Currently, all key staff members who require access to data have completely implemented their Google Workspace into their daily workspaces. As an administrator, there has been a significant decrease in the workload thanks to the various controls available through the Google management console, efficiency has been increased too.

Additionally, Google Workspace seamlessly integrates with third-party products, hence we have incorporated additional SSO tools into it. This allows us to enforce IP and device restrictions for users accessing company data, enhancing our security framework in an instant.

Customer Review

The integrated tool in Google Workspace, from Drive to Calendar, Gmail, and Meets, provides valuable versatility. We are currently using Drive but have plans to migrate our email system to Gmail in the future.

Currently, our operations align with expectations. However, given the nature of our industry, concerns about data storage capacity constraints may arise in the future. We look forward to continued support from TS Cloud in tailoring service usage strategies to evolving circumstances and phases, aiming for the best possible solutions.

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