Living Stage Co., Ltd. Breaks Away from Traditional Work Environment


Living Stage Co., Ltd., introduced Google Workspace with the goal of enhancing email and storage systems within the work environment. Today, they have implemented the full scale of Google Workspace and are experiencing the benefits of staff communication and cloud-based data management. Here are their problems before integrating Google Workspace, and the improvements they have experienced today.

Client Information

Company Name Living Stage Co., Ltd.
Company Profile We specialize in property renovation services, primarily for real estate management companies. Our services include restoration, maintenance, in-occupancy repairs, and renovation planning. Headquartered in Hino, Tokyo, we have multiple branch offices across various regions, offering comprehensive housing solutions.
Industry Construction, Renovation, Architecture
Company Size Less than 50
Introduction Date February 2022


Limited Email Access Across Work Environments

In the past, we found that employees were not working efficiently with their emails because of the need for “on-device” management software. Although some employees tried to work around this limitation by installing the same software on their phones, the lack of synchronization features meant that the devices showed emails differently.

For a decade, this was the method we used and it became a normal occurrence. However, after dealing with the long-term challenge of keeping this routine up, we were keen to transition to a service that allowed email functionality across multiple devices, internally and externally.

Limitations of Accessibility Due to Data Storage Methods

Prior to implementing Google Workspace, for 10 years data was stored within in-house data management systems and this was a huge problem for access and portability when the information was needed outside the office. Furthermore, depending on the file format, issues arose where staff could not access and edit files simultaneously. This often led to being unable to save our files, or even work. Evidently, it became clear that a more flexible and efficient solution was needed.

Solutions By TS Cloud

Seamless Transition to Gmail for Improved Mobility

Since transitioning to Google Workspace, we found it slightly challenging to fully trust the new system. Hence for the first 6 months, we decided that it was best to operate both our in-house server and Gmail simultaneously using a “dual delivery” approach. In August of this year, we successfully completed our migration to Gmail.

With Gmail, we found that sending and receiving emails on any device in synchronized real-time was truly impressive. It significantly improves work-life convenience and makes it easy to respond to emails on the go.

Data Migration for Improved Work Environments

Following the introduction of Google Workspace, we began relying on Google Sheets for data input and the cloud-based system allowed team members to simultaneously edit files at the same time. We instantly realised the boost in work environment productivity and we could finally see something was working well.

Due to the nature of our industry, it is a practice that substantial amounts of image data need to be saved and transferred on a regular basis. However, with this, we found that sharing image files individually was cumbersome which led us to a solution. We decided to create shared drives that are accessible to everybody in the department. This allowed team members to store images themselves and it greatly helped to streamline sharing and storage.

Results & Benefits

Although initially it was our intention to implement Google Workspace for a strong email provider, today we are gradually beginning to see the value of the Google ecosystem as a whole and the effects of implementing the different tools it offers.

One of these implementations was Google Meet. With this tool, we began to hold online meetings much more frequently and today, Meets is used on a weekly basis to conduct training. We also utilize the recording feature of this tool to share lessons with employees who could not attend. This ensures that everybody learns and grows together.

One of the greatest appreciations we felt from Google Workspace was when employees told us that they no longer need to waste paper calendars thanks to Google Calendar. We were tld that Google Workspace has brought benefits in various aspects of their workspace and they continue to feel the benefits and advantages of it.

Customer Review

We’re currently in the process of exploring the use of features beyond just email and Drive, such as Chat and Spaces. We look forward to receiving updates on new features and information from TS Cloud via newsletters and other channels.”


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