Empowering Business Growth and Choosing the Right System


Life Design Co. Ltd. was established in 2021 and has chosen Google Workspace as their groupware of choice. They chose with their vision of working with cloud-based efficiency, team connectivity, and user-friendliness. Here are their challenges and the benefits they received from Google Workspace.

Client Information

Company Name Life Design Co., Ltd.
Company Profile “Life Design Co., Ltd.,” operates a network of physical stores nationwide and serves as a place where individuals seek guidance from certified experts in areas of “end-of-life planning,” “insurance,” and “wealth management.” With their motto, “Embracing the Era of Living to 100,” Life Design is committed to providing personalized support and advice that is tailored to each customer’s unique life goals and needs. They take a holistic approach to help people navigate the challenges of preparing for a future where long-term planning is essential
Industry Financial Services
Company Size Less than 50 people
Introduction Date May 2021


Introducing the Right Groupware That Matches Cost and Efficiency

One of our main concerns when our company was starting was “Which groupware is right for us?” Before this, many of us had bad experiences in other companies that employed the use of slow and inefficient systems so we thought, “We need to introduce a better one.”

Still in our startup phase, there was a high consciousness of our limited capital budget. However, as a nationwide growth plan was always in the works, we needed a system that could meet our expectations then, and even now. We sought to find a provider that perfectly aligned with our budgets and conditions.

Operating Without a Dedicated System Administrator

Upon founding our company, we deliberately aimed to function without the need for an IT department or a system administrator. Our objective was to implement software that empowers non-IT personnel with complete system access. Furthermore, we prioritized provider selection based on the criteria of stability and user-friendliness.

Balancing Security and Seamless Data Sharing

Previously, our workspace operated with broad accessibility, granting each employee unrestricted entry to all system information. This absence of confidentiality introduced severe security vulnerabilities and disrupted efficient workflow management. Thus, addressing this issue became another top priority, emphasizing the necessity for a strong security system that facilitated streamlined data sharing.

Moreover, we had to guarantee data confidentiality while enabling our nationwide staff, working in various shopping mall locations, to access their company accounts effortlessly from any site. To achieve this, we required the implementation of secure access controls and streamlined access to shared folders.

Solutions by TS Cloud

Evaluating Providers and Implementing Google Workspace

We compared various cloud-based providers and ultimately selected Google Workspace for its convenience and user-friendliness. We also carefully assessed potential distributors and found that TS Cloud offered the best value for our money and excellent post-sale support in our local market.

Workforce Scalability and Instant Account Expansions Capabilities

With our company’s growth in staff and locations, we frequently request Google Workspace expansions. Thanks to Google Workspace’s account management and permission controls, we efficiently accommodate this growth.

Google’s widespread familiarity streamlines the onboarding process, allowing new staff to adapt easily. When internal solutions fall short, TS Cloud’s support has been invaluable.

Securely Compiling Shared Internal Information on Google Drive

Google Workspace allows us to securely consolidate our internal documents into Google Drive which allows staff at every branch to access the information they need. Furthermore, in the past, to share files externally, files and access passwords had to be done separately was a tedious task. Today, Google Drive helps us greatly in this area as files can be shared with just a link with specific permission for each viewer.

Results & Benefits

In April of 2021, this marked a time of expansion in our company and at the end of May 2022, Life Design Co. Ltd. has grown to operate 12 branches nationwide and will continue to do so. With such successful growth, Google Workspace has truly become a foundational point within our organization.

As a sensitive point of contact for our customers, we strive to create a stress-free and efficient work environment for our staff. Hence, we are committed to continuing the utilization of Google Workspace to develop and grow our business, all while maintaining exceptional customer service.

Customer Review

Within Workspace’s interface, there are several features that we have yet to explore and in those tools, we see great potential for further development. In the future, we aim to proactively expand and explore the full capabilities of our usage of Google Workspace.


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