GTN Adopts Google Chats and Sites | Japan’s Leading Social Helpers


Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd is a company with staff at every location, domestic and abroad, and they have been using Google Workspace to link every office over the past 7 years. Here are their greatest uses of Google Workspace and the benefits they realized from it.

Client Information

Company Name Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd.
Company Profile Global Trust Networks is a solutions company with a vision of “Shaping a Better Life in Japan for Foreigners.” They aim to address social challenges faced by foreign residents in Japan and offers a variety of services tailored to foreigners, including rental housing guarantee, mobile phone services, staffing solutions, real estate brokerage, daily life support, and credit card services. They provide 24-hour support in 19 languages for inquiries from foreign individuals. In 2022, they celebrated their 17th anniversary with 290 employees, 70% of whom are foreign nationals. They have 4 offices in Japan and additional branches in South Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia.
Industry Real Estate, Telecommunications, IT, Finance, etc,
Company Size 290+ Employees (As of August 2022)
Introduction Date 2015

Usages of Google Workspace

Building Internal Communication Chains with Chat’s Thread Feature

In the past, we used third-party SNS software for internal communication, however due to security concerns, we switched to Chat on Google Workspace. Initially, adapting to the new interface took time, but today, Chat is seamlessly integrated into our internal communication channels. It’s user-friendly, and the Threading feature enhanced workspace continuity by preserving discussion topics..

Sharing Topics with Currents and Utilising Sites for Internal Portals

Currents and Sites are part of our daily go-to tools in our workspace. In Currents, the team updates content 5-6 times a week, such as introducing new team members and events. From there, team members can react through likes and comments, which we found to have improved team communication. For us, Sites serves as an internal portal for company regulations and announcements and we have even made it easier for team members to post on Currents as the format is posted on and readily accessible on Sites.

Streamlining Online Meetings with Calendar Integration in Meet

In 2020, due to COVID-19, online meetings became crucial and for us, using Meet became normal. It’s convenience in auto-generating join-links when scheduling a meeting on Calendar greatly reducing work and took away much hassle. As for external meetings, we adapted our tool choice to the other party’s needs

Benefits of Google Workspace

Easy Account Management. Refocused Efforts in IT Department

Google Workspace’s intuitive interface and admin panel made it easy for non-IT staff to control interconnectivity and grant new user permissions. Previously, these tasks were handled by the IT department and the advantage is that now anyone can manage day-to-day operations, allowing IT staff to concentrate on specialized tasks like development and internal system management

Logging into Google Workspace is Simple and Stress Free

Accessing a wide range of features and tools with a single login is highly valued in our organization. It eliminates the need for separate accounts for each tool or application and seamlessly integrates with non-Google Workspace tools, which helps us to enhance internal connectivity by miles.

Customer Review

After 7 years of using Google Workspace in our organization, it has become a standard practice. We’ve adopted essential tools like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, and put extra focus on maximizing the use of other apps like Chat, Sites, and Currents. Google Workspace has significantly enhanced our internal communication.

In April of 2022, we decided to upgrade to TS Cloud’s Enterprise plan due to new employee additions. This flexibility to upgrade as needed removed concerns about data capacity and Meet’s participant limits. TS Cloud has consistently provided clear and effective advice when inquired, making our Google Cloud experience greatly reassuring for now and the future.


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