“G Suite fights against the malicious attack of emails, which has been an issue for a long time, and you can now easily manage different domains!”


The Forward Investment Co., Ltd. has introduced the G Suite service from TS Cloud since 2017. After it has started using it, it has completely solved the problem of mail hosts not being able to send nor receive emails after being attacked. Through the back-office management and assistance from the specialists, they can now easily manage several domains at the same time. Therefore, as specialists of the company, we are dedicated to sharing with you several examples about how we tackle these issues of email attack.

Client Information

Company Name The Forward Investment Co., Ltd.
Company Profile The Forward Investment Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 and it currently manages Forward Music Publishing, Grand Pan Communication, New Vision Artists, etc.
Industry Business consultancy service industry
Company Size Less than 50
Year of Establishment 2017
G Suite fights against the malicious attack of emails, which has been an issue for a long time, and you can now easily manage different domains!


Before After
After the mailbox is attacked, the functions of receiving and sending emails are disrupted. There is high security and issues can be solved after searching email records.
Multiple PCs are managed but several domains, and three days are required for maintenance per month. Multiple domains are managed in back office simultaneously, only three days per year is required for maintenance.
Tasks such as transfer and backup of files require one week when an employee resigns. A new employee can take over the authorization of his predecessor’s account directly.


In order to fight against long-term malicious email attacks, a self-hosting mail host has been switched to the Gmail Corporate version.

In the past, due to the frequent malicious attacks on the mail server, mailboxes would unreasonably become the producer of spam emails, making the company’s mailboxes to be blacklisted, and so, normal functions such as receiving and sending emails cannot be performed. This is a very serious issue for any company. When this happens again, you’d need to consider purchasing a better system equipment for protection, or a cloud tool with high security such as G Suite. As a result, G Suite has been chosen after the cost for maintenance was considered. More importantly, employees are already familiar with Gmail and the management of calendar, purchasing G Suite accounts thus seem to be a more effective solution.

The mail record search function is similar to a mailbox’s diagnosis report.

After deciding to use G Suite Corporate version, there is no more need to worry about security and stability like the previously self-installed mail server. Besides, the back-office management functions such as “mail record search” and “blacklist and whitelist” instructed by our TS Cloud specialists also make things easier. Even if there is a problem with the mailbox of a colleague, as long as the search is recorded by email, you can directly find it out in the mailbox. This function serves as the diagnosis report of a mailbox, which eliminates the time to look for every email from each colleague. If you need to further block senders that might impose a security risk, you can also use the blacklist and whitelist function in the back-office management to quickly remove those senders.

Different subsidiary domains are managed by the same back-office.

In the past, in order to have different domain names for subsidiaries, different hosts could be set up. And when problems occur, the PCs would have to be restarted. Now, with the use of G Suite, you can manage different domains as long as you are in the same management back-office, which saves a lot of trouble. At the beginning, whenI was not familiar with the management back-office, I needed to look for assistance from a TS Cloud whenever I encountered any issues. After her assistance with the back-office operation, management has become very easy. In the past, it took me an average of 2 to 3 days to maintain four hosts in a month. Now, it only takes 2 to 3 days to process in one year.

The problem of file transfer with the change of personnel has been solved. It’s now much easier to transfer account permissions.

Previously, if an employee resigned or moved among subsidiaries, it would take nearly a week to process the backup and transfer of emails and files. There would also be many problems with different versions. After the use of G Suite, it has become much easier to transfer accounts of previous employees to the new ones. New employees can directly access all the files and emails left by the previous one. Also, G Suite can be used 100% on a browser. Everyone can update to the most updated version, and there would not be any issues with the version not being compatible with the files. Handover of files after a resignation can be done within one hour.

TS Cloud’s comment

The mail host of Forward Investment Co., Ltd. was once attacked, and emails could not be sent normally. When Bryce called us at that time, I fully understood how anxious he felt and how urgent the matter was. He also wanted to look for a safer system that suits him more. Therefore, not only did I introduce him the functions of G Suite, but I also explained to him thoroughly the conditions of its safety and protection, how G Suite can meet their needs, putting him at ease with the change of system.
I am very pleased to see that after the implementation of G Suite, Forward Investment Co., Ltd. can now manage different domains more conveniently and safely in the back office. Also, it no longer has to worry about the risk of its server being cracked or not being able to receive emails normally. It can also manage several domains at the back office more conveniently and safely. Whether it’s the management of abnormalities of mailboxes or change of personnel, a great deal of time and workload is saved. Aside from the safety and stability that was cared the most, these were the unexpected advantages for him. Forward Investment can now save the time to achieve a lot more things!

(Rainnie, Customer Success Specialist)

The mail record search function is similar to a mailbox’s diagnosis report.

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