“Cross-department operational protocols sped up and data security was strengthened through upgrading to G Suite Business.”


Tsaimeng Media Co. Ltd originally purchased G Suite on its own from Google. Later, due to tax filing purposes, Tsaimeng opted to utilize TS Cloud as the G Suite agent and the services offered, and further upgraded to G Suite Business. This case provides a reference when considering introducing G Suite and its practical applications in the advertising and marketing industry.

Client Information

Company Name Tsaimeng Media Co. Ltd
Company Profile Tsaiyi Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2013, focusing its services on social network business management, not only strengthening brand image and promotion thereof, but also uses its “fans play” interactive module to effectively raise the social network marketing conversion rate. In 2015, the company also established Tsaimeng Media Co. Ltd to provide more diverse and integrated marketing related innovation, strategy and media services.
Industry General Advertising Services
Company Size Less than 50
Year of Establishment 2017
Tsaimeng Media often has to carry out collaborations with its parent company Tsaiyi Technology


Before After
Purchased by the company, no invoice. Agent provide invoice which can be used for tax filing purposes.
Important information requires additional manual processing for backups. Data and documents for project can be painless transferred and backed up on cloud.
Prior to the upgrade, cross-department information required access rights to be added manually. After upgrading, information access rights can be set up, allowing easy archiving of important data.


To facilitate tax filing, direct purchase from Google changed to service provided by distributor.

Sam Shui, as the back end system manager for both Tsaiyi Technology and Tsaimeng Media, says, “G Suite was initially chosen because I was used to Gmail since my student days. So for me, it was first my familiarity with Google products which has highly intuitive operations; secondly, it is very stable, not to mention that you can use one account to integrate all the Google products and services into one place, making it more convenient in both management and operation.” After deciding on G Suite, the software was initially purchased directly from Google using a credit card. Later, the companies came into contact with TS Cloud on other business matters, and found out that TS cloud is a Google distributor, not only able to introduce G Suite into a company, but can also issue invoices. To facilitate tax filing and write-off operations at the Tsaimeng, the company went from direct purchases to using G Suite services offered by TS Cloud.

Advertising and other project information are not affected by changes in personnel or account.

The company’s core business operations are Facebook account management and advertising, which often requires analyzing the effect and conversion of advertising, primarily through using Google Analytics and Google AdWords. With the Business account as storage, there is no more issue of data disappearing or needing to redo settings due to personnel changes, and it also eliminates the possibility of personnel leaving the company from having access or leaking the data. The information of each account can be archived at the back end, where the data transfer and access right changes can be made on the manager interface. There is also no problem of not being able to backtrack and retrieve project-related information just because the person involved or in charge changes.

Upgrading to G Suite Business shortens the cross-department operational procedures.

In order to effectively manage cross-department business and to address the issue of data backup, Tsaimeng upgraded to G Suite Business. As management of Facebook accounts often have design, social network content editing, sales and advertising operations all going on at the same time, information and documents often require constant back-and-forth confirmations between departments. When a document has to be edited and confirmed by multiple users, their account and access right has to be added manually, which can be irksome.

However, the team drive that come with the upgrade can be set up where departments are organized as units, and file folders can be defined by teams or projects, where the relevant personnel can be added to, given the necessary level of access rights, and managed accordingly. This is highly convenient for cross-department projects and communication on documents.

Another factor that led to the upgrade was the vault function provided by the Business version. Important information such as e-mails between company employees and vendors, vital documents on cloud, and internal conversations using Hangouts Chat, and all be saved by the manager and found with the search function. There is no need for concern over data being deleted, and the company does not need to waste time trying to rescue and recover information. If there are any legal issues, the archived information in the vault can also be as the basis for audits and investigation.

TS Cloud’s comment

We are appreciative of the fact that Sam was willing engage TS Cloud to provide G Suite related service to Tsaimeng even though they have already bought G Suite from Google and were using the software. In the process of providing assistance to Tsaimeng, we saw that Tsaimeng mainly used Gmail in the initial stages, and thus provided Sam with some recommendations on the application of some of G Suite’s other functions, such as group and Hangouts, in order to enhance the practical value of introducing G Suite into Tsaimeng.

(Rainnie, Customer Success Specialist)

TS Cloud system specialist explaining to Tsaimeng Media the new G Suite functions

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