“With the use of G Suite, the cost of self-maintenance has reduced and we’re able to establish a robust audit and e-discovery practice.”


“Level Biotechnology Inc.” is the largest distributor of biomedical products in Taiwan. It used to be bothered by spam emails and had problems managing emails. After the implementation of G Suite, not only has it blocked a large number of spam mails and resolved this issue altogether, but it also greatly reduced the extra costs in the maintenance of the main units. The other services of G Suite also facilitate and strengthen the internal communication and management.

Client Information

Company Name Level Biotechnology Inc.
Company Profile Founded in 1989, the enterprise started with providing labware for cell culture research, laboratory products for the research on immunity, microbiology and sophisticated equipment for biotechnology. It is now the largest distributor of biomedical products in Taiwan. Focusing on research and development, it has 2,350 acres of Taiwan’s largest privately-owned SPF (Specific Pathogen Free), in order to complete pre-clinical testing platforms and certifications. At the same time, the enterprise further develops its excellent technical capabilities and research into a complete platform for biotechnological services. The goal is to become the best partner in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, and to improve health and quality of human life.
Industry Biomedical products related industry
Company Size More than 100
Year of Establishment 2017
Level Biotechnology Inc.


Before After
We often received large amounts of spam, management and maintenance were not easy. We have successfully blocked a lot of spam emails and reduced costs of self-management.
The remote conference connection was unstable, and the volume would sometimes become lower. There are normal far-end briefing sessions, all can be connected quickly, and the connection was stable.
There is a limit of capacity with Outlook, if it almost reached 20 GB, some emails would not be delivered or received successfully. With the “unlimited capacity of mailboxes” and the “Vault” functions, subsequent audits and e-discovery have become possible.


A large amount of spam emails are blocked, and it has greatly reduced the costs of self-maintenance.

Before the implementation of G Suite, the main unit of mails was originally self-supported and used with Outlook, but given that the main unit is old, its performance is low and its bandwidth is small, the unit gets stuck easily when there are a lot of mails. Also, it tended to receive a lot of spam mails such as phishing mails, fraudulent mails and emails containing viruses. As there are numerous internal users, mail management was difficult to be realized for each individual situation and it became a major issue. When considering the overall high maintenance costs and difficult management, the company has decided to outsource our mail host to a cloud service provider.

After the decision was made, products that were evaluated included MailCloud and G Suite. Later, thanks to users’ trust to Google, its stable mail receipt and delivery, the numerous third-party softwares and G Suite making the development and API concatenation easier, together with its added value and subsequent benefits, we’ve finally chosen the corporate version of Gmail as our mail hosting provider.

Normal remote monthly meetings or briefings can be quickly connected and operated with stability.

In addition to Gmail, the G Suit tools that are often used include Hangouts, Drive, and Calendar.

Hangouts is mostly used in remote meetings to meet the needs of remote communication between the Taipei Head Office and the offices in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, such as regular briefing meetings, temporary meetings, etc. In addition to its rapid connection, there are seldom issues with Hangouts, such as disconnection or sudden reduction of volume. These are the problems that we encountered previously with other softwares. And if we have any doubt about the operation, unlike the standard, unhelpful replies that we used to receive from the official organization, we are now guaranteed with an access to the dealer’s assistance immediately.

Google Drive is mainly used by the sales department, and it’s mostly operated for internal data such as performance data, product reports, customer files, etc., especially when it is necessary to share or brief the files with colleagues from the southern and central regions, because Google Drive makes file sharing and granting permissions a very easy thing to do. In addition, the company emphasizes on the importance of data security. Aside from convenience, it also stresses on the security of information. Therefore, we also provide an additional “user access and use in the limited domain” for Google Drive to control data security accurately.

“Unlimited storage” and “Vault” enable subsequent audits and e-discovery.

We are currently using the Business edition of G Suite. We chose this edition because it has “unlimited storage capacity” and the “Vault”.

As our business requires a large demand of correspondences, it is not really convenient to have to organize and delete mails regularly. Also, saving business correspondences ensures a higher security for the companies. Therefore, we didn’t consider using the Basic version, which had a capacity limit of 30G. In addition to the “Vault” function of the Business version, tracing of data and e-discovery of mails, our management personnel find it more convenient and secured to organize data.

TS Cloud’s comment

We would like to thank Mr. Lin for his trust since the implementation, and I am very happy to have helped Mr. Lin solve the issues of spam and hacking. Although at the beginning of the system conversion, our colleagues, who had been accustomed to the Outlook interface, needed to adjust, our high-level staff and IT personnel promoted it tirelessly. Now, even the Director has installed the Gmail App on his mobile phone, and under his influence, everyone has started doing the same. They have even started using functions like Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts and G Suite, and they have applied these tools in their work too. Mr. Lin is already so used to G Suite that he even jokingly said, “there’s really no turning back!”

(Rainnie Chiu, Customer Success Specialist)


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