“Spam and cyber attacks are emerging one after another. Instead of setting up firewall, it is better to use Gmail Enterprise Edition.”


As a well-known department store retailer and like many others, Tonlin Department Store their email server. After suffering from cyber attacks, it was found that nearly 90% of the attacks came from the junk mails. After adopting Gmail Enterprise Edition, their maintenance costs were eliminated. This form a perfect case study for many in the retail industry.

Client Information

Company Profile ”Transforms the beauty of life and leading the trend.” The department store is located along Zhongxiao East Road, East District of Taipei. It opened in year 73 and was talk of the town. They soon became industry leader, changed the style in Eastern District, lead the trend and consumer taste and provided comfortable shopping space and service quality. In year 84 November, the Taoyuan Zhongzheng Road Department Store opened in Taoyuan and became the largest department store in the Taoyuan area. They provide all-round services and latest fashion trends information at the store, and drive businesses in the district as a whole. With the opening of Taoyuan Store, it officially became a chain operation. Tonlin soon expanded its retail market into a diversified operation. With a solid and stable business philosophy, Tonlin enhances the consumption awareness and living standards of the Chinese people with “love, sincerity, patience and concern” and the are well received by the public.
Industry Retail Related Industry
Company Size Less thasn 50
Year of Establishment 2016
Tonlin department store. From left, representative from TS Cloud, Mr. Li Yuzheng


Before After
On Prem Servers attacked, millions of emails were sent within a day and was blacklisted. Gmail Enterprise Edition has high security, blocking all suspected junk mails.
The costs and time of maintaining on prem servers. Google is secure and protects you well. You need not spend on maintaining your servers.
Remote access of corporate data is tedious while on business trips. Remote access of corporate data is made easy with Cloud Base Drives.


90% of attacks on email servers are due to junk mails.

Like others, Tonlin started off having their on-prem servers for email services. One new year’s eve, an incident of cyber attack caused thousands of mails to be sent in a day, resulted in their server being black listed. Upon investigation, it was found that 90% of their emails are junk mails. New methods of cyber attacks evolved frequently and it’s going to be very tough in keeping up with such attacks by installing and updating firewalls and other security related devices. Instead of spending time, effort and money in keeping the on-prem server structure, it would be wiser to invest in G Suite Enterprice Edition which eliminates junk mails by design.

Gmail Enterprise Edition is safe and secure with intuitive user interface and administrator console.

Through associates from the same industry, Mr. Li learned about Gmail and its enterprise edition. Mr. Li believes that the world presense of Google and her facilities are the best testimony by itself. He also believe that Gmail is safe, stable and is able to elimate junk mail and the hassle of maintaining old servers. Compared to personal Gmail, the enterprise edition will allow email addresses to bear company’s domain name and has the ability for central administation of mailboxes and data. To her users, most of them would be a user of personal Gmail and accessed via iOS or andriod devices, thus will be familiar with the interface and its usage. Therefore, the learning curve of their users will be reduced drasticially after migration.

When working with government agencies, a project mailbox or special email addresses may be necessary for easy identification. Gmail Enterprise Edition allows the set up of aliases and group names. All can be operated through the intuitive Admin Console, without the need for paid assistance.

Unlimited Cloud Storage allowing staff to access to files while on business travel.

The main reasons for Tonlin Department Store to use G Suite Business Edition are “Unlimited Cloud Storage” and “safe deposit box” function. Through unlimited cloud storage, colleagues who are stationed in the field or on business trips can also use Google Cloud hard drive to share files with colleagues, even if the uploaded files are huge. In addition, the use of the G Suite Business Edition comes with team’s cloud drive features, allowing team members to share the data in the cloud more quickly, without having to set permissions for the folders one by one, saving many hours for internal team members.

TS Cloud’s comment

Its a great honour to meet Mr. Li of Tonling Departmental Store. We are glad to learn that Mr. Li’s team is no longer dealing with teething problems of on-prem servers, such maintenance, constant anti-virus updates and junk mail problems. Thanks to G Suite, being stable, safe and greatly reduces IT costs and time.
Through weekly e-newsletter and reach outs, we received regular feedbacks from Mr. Li thru such engagements. Apart from knowing the issues, we learned that Mr. Li studied thru G Suite functionalites and features. This helps to realise G Suite’s potential, maximises its functionalities to the fullest and bring about great satisfaction while we work with Mr. Li We strive to continue to provide even better service to Tonlin Departmental Store.

(Claire Chou, Customer Success Specialist)

TS Cloud showcasing the functionalities of Hangouts Chat to Mr. Li of Tonlin Departmental Store

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