“G Suite helps saving more than one million in conference devices, and the store can also access cloud files with POS computers.”


As the retail industry with stores in all parts of Taiwan, the Japan Medical Co., Ltd. uses G Suite’s cloud tools for store management and internal communication operations. By using Hangouts to communicate with manufacturers, the stores successfully saved more than one million in conference equipment; Through the Google spreadsheet which can be accessed from any browsers, the hardware resources of the POS computer were reduced too. This is a case reference that G Suite has helped large retail industry to reduce hardware equipment cost and increase productivity.

Client Information

Company Name Japan Medical Co., Ltd.
Company Profile The first store was opened at Breeze Taipei Station. The store is mainly a drug store that sells Japanese-made products. Most of the pharmaceutical products are Japanese products that have obtained Taiwan certification. Pharmaceutical products and Taiwan imported products are distributed by the Taiwan’s general distributor, and products not made in Taiwan are imported directly from Japan. Hopes to provide a better health to the residents and heavily emphasize on the quality. In the future, the market will be expanded one after another, so that residents can buy Japanese goods without going abroad.
Industry Pharmaceutical/cosmetic and cleaning products retail industry
Company Size More than 100
Year of Establishment 2016
Mr. Su, Manager of Japan Medical Co., Ltd


Before After
If you go abroad, you can’t receive any mails. You can only ask an agent to do it for you. You can check out Gmail on your mobile phone and you can receive mails when you go abroad.
The cost of purchasing video conferencing equipment is high and maintenance is difficult. Hangouts video conference connection is stable, laptops and tablets can be used for remote conferencing.
Reservation in paper form for a meeting room is difficult to manage and troublesome. Unified management of meeting rooms through Google Calendar, simple and clear.


Gmail Business version can receive mails abroad, agents are not required anymore during business trips.

Originally, the Japan Medical Co., Ltd. uses a simple mail hosting system. However, once the system is not connected to the company’s internet service provider, the system is unable to send and receive mails. It is very inconvenient for employees who need to send and receive mails urgently after work; In case of an emergency, they are unable to respond to it immediately, but have to rely on the agent. So, the company decided to switch to Gmail, which is familiar to all the staff in the company. In addition to being able to send and receive mails as long as they are connected to the Internet, Gmail Business version allows mobile phone login too, even if they are abroad. In the past, spam mails always happen, but because Gmail Business version can automatically filter spam and abnormal files, thus greatly reducing the computer’s risk of affected with virus and the system maintenance costs.

The POS machine can easily access the file through web page, and the Google trial balance will automatically synchronize the data.

For Japan Medical Co., Ltd. with many of its stores around Taiwan, there are often many administrative orders and display specifications to be sent to the stores. In the past, in order to access the documents issued by the headquarters, the computers had to install software. The software has high requirements for the computer’s hardware components, and some of the stores with simple POS machines appears to be very difficult to use. However, after switching to G Suite, they can access the data in the cloud hard drive by simply opening the webpage through the browser, so it does not take up any resources of the hardware device. In addition, in the past, the file was transferred to and from the mail, and it was necessary to confirm whether the received file was the latest version. The Google trial balance will automatically synchronize all the changes, making sure the stores are receiving the latest information, thus saving the time needed to check for the version correctness.

Saved more than one million in conference equipment by using Hangouts to do video conferencing with South Central stores.

Due to the wide variety of products in the Japan Medical Co., Ltd., the partners often need to refer to the functions and specifications of the new products from headquarters. In order to be able to disclose the information to the stores, remote video conferencing is required. In the past, they had spent more than one million in purchasing the equipment and building a voice conference system. However, the system was not easy to maintain, the repair cost was high, and it was inconvenient to carry around. So, they decided to use the G Suite’s Hangouts for video conferencing. In addition to not having to spend extra money to maintain the equipment, Hangouts is more satisfied with the stability and smoothness of the connection compared to other communication software. The video and sound will not be intermittent, so that the South-Central stores will not miss any important information.

Google Calendar manages office resources and making appointments for meetings at a more convenient manner.

In the past, before the Japan Medical Co., Ltd. imported the G Suite, if they need to use the conference room, they need to do reservation in paper form with the host. However, they can’t immediately respond to the reservation status through the registration. If they have a reservation at the same time, they would have to ask the host to coordinate. Therefore, arrangement takes a lot of time. After converting to G Suite, Google Calendar can set up the company’s internal office as a resource, allowing colleagues directly make online appointments, and automatically exclude the reserved time of the meeting room, avoiding simultaneous appointments, thus no more troubling the host for coordination and arrangement. If they use their mobile phone to open Google Calendar while they were outside, they can also view the calendars that their colleagues have shared, know who is going out and who is in a meeting, therefore saving a lot of time for communication.

TS Cloud’s comment

Thanks to Mr. Su for sharing with us the experience of importing the G Suite into his company, Japan Medical Co., Ltd. They not only use Gmail, but even the cloud hard disk, Hangouts, calendar resources, groups, etc. All of these tools are effectively applied in their office environment. Compared with the environment of the previous lightning host, the cloud office environment that G Suite provides, whether it is the overall cost reduction or the convenience of the interface operation, everyone can experience the obvious difference and feel the powerful C/P value that comes with it. Customers are able to make the most out of their value, and this is the exact type of experience we want to bring to our customers. In addition, we are also very pleased that they can help their colleagues to make more use of G Suite through their company’s powerful IT department, and to display the value of G Suite in the office environment.

(Rainnie Chiu, Customer Success Specialist)

Manager Mr. Su demonstrates how to view other colleagues’ schedule using Google Calendar app on the mobile phone.

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