“Without MIS staff, you can also find a professional team to complete all G Suite settings within 3 hours!”


As a travel service industry, Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd pays special attention to the stability of the mailbox because they need to communicate with foreign customers immediately. Since the help of the TS Cloud to complete the activation settings, the mail server has been converted to G Suite, and the problems of insufficient storage space and customers not receiving mails has been successfully solved. In addition, employees who are accustomed to using the traditional Outlook interface can also use the mail synchronization tool to continue to send and receive mails in the custom interface. By this way, the company has a mail system that is stable and does not require to change the employee’s operating habits. This is a case reference for traditional travel service industry to convert their mail hosting into G Suite.

Client Information

Company Name Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd
Company Profile After the government implemented the travel agency application in 1987, a group of young people who were passionate, hopeful and persistent in the travel industry set up the Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd in April 1997. With the spirit of perseverance, customer is always first, and quality assurance, Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd hopes that every passenger can “see the world, be auspicious”. Traveling thousands of miles to see the world is always better than studying a million of books.
Industry Travel service industry
Company Size Less than 50
Year of Establishment 2018


Before After
The transceiver is unstable, customers responded that they did not receive the mail. Transceiver is stable, almost no feedback to the problem of sending and receiving mails.
The mailbox has only 50MB capacity per account, and the storage space is seriously insufficient. 30GB of cloud storage per account.
After previous employee departed from the company, the company must keep their mailbox accounts in order to continue to receive mails. Use a mailbox alias to allow new employees to take over the previous employee’s mailbox.


In the past, the customer was not able to receive mail from the company. After switching to G Suite, the problem was solved.

In the past, the mailbox used by Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd only has 50MB of storage space on the web for each account, it was extremely insufficient, and overseas customers often provided feedback as they did not receive the mails sent by the company. This has seriously affected the company to miss a lot of business opportunities. Therefore, after a careful evaluation, the company decided to use G Suite (Gmail Business Mailbox). James, the company’s mailbox administrator, said that since the transition to G Suite, the problems that have been troubled for a long time have been solved, and G Suite can also set up mailbox aliases to allow new employees to directly taking over the emails of departed employees. This helps to eliminate the cost to retain the previous employee’s account.

Do not understand the G Suite activation settings? Hand over to the professional team and they will complete it within 3 hours!

After decided to use G Suite, Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd finally chose Google’s long-term elite partner, TS Cloud through Google’s official referral to serve them. The reason for purchasing the G Suite from TS Cloud is that Google only provides account sales and does not provide G Suite-related services. For small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, most of them do not have MIS or IT staff to manage the mail system. Therefore, if it can be handed over to a professional team to deal with it, it naturally saves a lot of time and effort. This can greatly avoids setting mistakes and activating the new system more securely.

James said that because the company does not have MIS personnel, rather than trying to figure out how to activate G Suite on themselves, it is better to pay the experts to assist them. At that time, the G Suite activation setting service provided by TS Cloud successfully transferred the original mail system to G Suite in just 3 hours, which did not affect the company’s transceiver function at all. In addition, TS Cloud also assisted in the transfer of the user list to G Suite, so that James, the mail administrator, saved the hassle of adding users one by one manually, and colleagues could use the new system by logging in with account and password on the next day. It can be said that it is a “painless transfer”.

Without changing employee’s usage habits, Outlook users can easily access G Suite.

Considering most of the colleagues in Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd were still accustomed to using Outlook’s email interface, therefore, James asked the TS Cloud’s G Suite team for such a request, the specialist suggested to James that through the GSSMO mail synchronization tool, the mails will be synced to the Outlook interface. With this synchronization tool, the employees of Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd can easily transferred to G Suite without changing their usage habits. It allows them to enjoy the stability and security of G Suite, at the same time also allows users to follow their own habits. They get to choose to use browser to open either Gmail or Outlook to send and receive messages, thus no adaptation problems occurred.

TS Cloud’s comment

Thanks to James for participating in this interview, I still remember that Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd had been troubled by their mail server problems for a long time before transferring to G Suite. For example, the mail server’s capacity is too small, and even in order to receive new mails, it is necessary for them to log in to the account to clear the mails during the holiday; this is very troublesome for the travel industry that needs to send and receive mails immediately. If they miss a mail order, it will cause serious profit loss to their company. Fortunately, after a month of evaluation, Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd, with our assistance, only took 3 hours to successfully transferred to G Suite, solving the problem of insufficient mail capacity in the past and the problem of the host randomly sending mails.

In response to the different usage habits of the company’s employees, we also provide G Suite and Outlook mail synchronization software for the colleagues in Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd. By this way, in addition to allowing them to use more stable Gmail as the mail server, it also helps colleagues who are more accustomed to the Outlook interface to save time as they do not need to learn to adapt to the new system during busy working hours.

I am very pleased that Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd has solved the problem that has been very distressing in the past since the company imported G Suite. We also hope that the stable mail server will become a reliable backup for their business!

(Joe Chen, Customer Success Specialist)

From the left is James from the Administration Dept. of Edison Tour and TS Cloud specialist Joe

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