Google Workspace Partial Implementation. A Trialed and Tested Implementation Process

Publication Date: 2023.12.01

Introducing something new to the workplace can be both exciting and mildly concerning. With Google Workspace, you can ease into it through partial implementation or a 30-day free trial. This flexibility means there’s no immediate need for a full-scale rollout. Discover the differences and considerations in this article.

Concerns of Introducing New Tool

“When introducing new tools, not limited to Google Workspace, concerns arise about whether all employees can effectively use them and the benefits they offer. Many uncertainties, such as unpredictable transition costs, contribute to financial concerns for companies, making cost-effective decisions crucial.”

Google Workspace offers the flexibility of a phased adoption known as Partial Implementation. This can be coupled with a 30-day free trial (available through TS Cloud), eliminating the requirement for universal adoption in the initial stages and offering a thorough trial period at no cost.

Google Workspace: Tailored Implementation for Non-Disruptive Integration

Google Workspace allows organizations to introduce it gradually, avoiding an immediate full-scale adoption. This phased approach cultivates workforce familiarity before a complete rollout, helping identify and address potential issues. By leveraging partial implementation, gradually adding accounts ensures a robust experience of Google Workspace’s features.

Partial Implementation Inquiry

Experience a Powerful 30-Day Free Trial

While many recognize the benefits of partial implementation, some decision-makers may hesitate to commit to a paid subscription at the onset of exploring Google Workspace. To address such concerns, Google Workspace offers a 14-day free trial through its official channel, extendable to 30 days via authorized agents like TS Cloud. The upcoming sections will feature a list highlighting trial version features and limitations for a comprehensive understanding of the trial experience.

  Official Google TS Cloud
Days Available 14 Days 30 Days
Features Available Most Features
Plans are Available
Most Features
Plans are Available
People Available Maximum 10 People 5 or More People

Free Trial features

Unlock the full potential of Google Workspace during the free trial, providing an exclusive opportunity to explore an extensive range of features tailored to each plan. Dive into popular tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and collaborative platforms such as Docs, Sheets and Slides, along with Google Meet. While this trial offers a firsthand experience of the majority of plan features, note that certain functionalities will be restricted during this period.

Free Trial User Limit

When applying for a free trial from TS Cloud, corporate organizations will require a minimum of 5 accounts to begin applying.

Opting for a Google Workspace free trial directly from Google’s official channels restricts user access to a maximum of 10 individuals. Beyond this limit, adding users mandates setting up payment information. Be cautious, as surpassing 10 users without proper actions may lead to unintended billing or subscriptions. Manage user counts diligently for a seamless transition.

*If you are interested in experiencing the paid versions of Google Workspace before implementing it, it is recommended for a free trial. Only corporate customers who require 5 or more accounts will be eligible for it.

Key Considerations After Google Workspace Free Trial

If Payment Method Has Been Set Up

When entering payment details for a Google Workspace free trial, keep in mind that, like many software trials, it seamlessly shifts to a paid subscription at the trial’s end. If you plan to continue with Google Workspace, be mindful of the trial’s conclusion. For a smooth transition to the paid plan, follow Google’s predefined steps – no extra procedures needed

If Payment Has Not Been Set Up

Quite the opposite for individuals who have not set up any payment plans, your Google Workspace account will be terminated at the end of the trial period. Always remember that even if a Google Workspace account has been terminated, Admin Console can always be accessed again and all previous data will be stored and retained. Email and storage services however will not be able to be accessed. To reactivate a Google Workspace account, Google Workspace’s billing information section will need to be completed.

Seamless Transition: Guide to Paid Implementation of Google Workspace

There are two ways to install Google Workspace for free.

Direct Contract With Google

Google Workspace can be directly subscribed to from Google’s official website. If configuring settings and options independently is not a problem for you, purchasing Google Workspace directly from Google is a viable option. In this case, however, technical assistance is provided solely through Google’s guidelines and help pages, and payment is limited to credit card transactions.

Contract with An Agency

Google Workspace resellers, certified by Google, differ from official channels by offering potential cost savings, campaigns, and additional services. These include consulting, technical support, and flexible payment options. Resellers help to guide pre-implementation stages and offer ongoing technical support post-implementation, ensuring a comprehensive service experience.

When it comes to payment methods, resellers are able to provide invoice statements on top of the sole use of credit cards. For corporate purchases of Google Workspace within Asia, it is recommended to opt for ‘invoice payment’ as it aligns with the majority of business practices. However, please opt for the payment that best suits your own needs.

The charges are based on a monthly per-user pricing model

  Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise Standard Enterprise Plus
Annual Contract RM25/
per month/user
per month/user
per month/user
per month/user
per month/user
Monthly Contract (Flexible Plan) RM34.2/
per month/user
per month/user
per month/user
per month/user
per month/user

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Introduction Support from Authorized Reseller TS Cloud

Here at TS Cloud, we streamline the implementation process of Google Workspace through a comprehensive, effective communication strategy via email and phone, making full remote deployment a viable option. Going beyond merely selling Google Workspace, we offer complimentary support in proposing optimal implementation plans, guiding users through operations, and providing assistance throughout the Google Workspace integration. Additionally, we provide initial setup and administrator delegation services to ensure a smoother deployment with various support options available. Although, some services may incur fee charges.76→Enquire Now!

If you are considering the idea of bringing Google Workspace on board in your organization, why not begin with a “Partial Adoption” and a “Free Trial”? Before diving into a new tool, consider the reasons behind the offering of a partial adoption feature for Google Workspace and think about the migration process. Planning is key to reducing and ensuring a smooth transition to Google Workspace. Starting with a targeted rollout and trial run, concerns should be able to be tackled which will lead to an ultimately smoother transition.

Apply for a Google Workspace free trial through the official website or an authorized reseller, each offering unique benefits. Choose the method that aligns with your company’s needs. The trial provides a firsthand experience, making a partial implementation trial an ideal choice for a smooth transition.

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