Unlimited Storage Replaced By Google Workspace Pooled Storages

Publication Date: 2023.06.06

Google has removed the unlimited storage of Google Drive with G Suite and has introduced Google Workspace storage pools. Now, you are facing a capacity limit on Google Workspace. This article provides insights for you to understand Google Workspace Storage Pools and how to navigate and manage Google Drive’s storage capacity.

Google Drive Unlimited Storage Discontinued

G Suite Rebranded

In October 2020, G Suite was officially rebranded and upgraded to become Google Workspace. Among the various changes that were made, a largely impactful change in particular to many G Suite users was the discontinuation of the unlimited storage edition of Google Drive.

G Suite vs Google Workspace

To provide everybody with a better picture of the differences between the payment plans of G Suite and Google Workspace, a comparison table has been created for you. As it is shown, G Suite “Business” and “Enterprise” both had unlimited storage, however, both of these plans have been subdivided into multiple levels, and unlimited storage is officially discontinued. At the moment, the maximum storage available to Google Workspace users is 5TB which is expandable.

G Suite(Obsolete) Google Workspace Annual Contract(Monthly)
Basic 30GB Business Starter 30GB RM16/
Business Unlimited Capacity Business Standard 2TB RM57/
Business Plus 5TB RM85.5/
Enterprise Unlimited Capacity Enterprise Essentials 1TB RM44.4/
Enterprise Standard 5TB(Expandable) RM109.3/
Enterprise Plus 5TB(Expandable) RM142.6/

*Prices are subject to change based on the USD exchange rate; Prices shown above are based on the exchange rate on 2/11/2023
*Purchasing an annual contract with TS Cloud requires a minimum of 5 or more accounts

Storage Pools on Google Workspace

What is Google Workspaces’s “Pool Method”

For users of Google Workspace coming from G Suite, it is always important to remember that Google Workspace uses a “pool method” to manage the storage of accounts. When G Suite was running, its Basic plan provided each account with a 30GB fixed storage limit. Instead of implementing this rule again, Google Workspace has determined that an entire organization will share a “pool” of storage, which will allow for greater flexibility in the use of storage in an organization.

For example, when using Business Standard with 30 users which allocates a total do 2TB per person, organizations as a while will be able to utilize an actual total storage space of 60TB; 30 users x 2TB, not limited to 2TB per user. This allows organizations with varying drive usage patterns to efficiently use their drive’s capacity. For example, it is possible to create an organization where some users only use 1TB while others use 3TB.

Increased Users Equates to Increased Storage Capacity

With the introduction of the pool system in Google Workspace, increasing the available storage space within an organization can be as simple as adding more users. Because of the “pool method” of storage space sharing, adding one user will allow the entire organization to have access to that storage space. For example, by adding a new Business Standard account to your organization, that account’s 2TB will be essentially placed into the organization’s storage pool too.

How close to Unlimited Storage Google Drive is Google Workspace Enterprise

The storage capacity for Google Workspace’s ‘Enterprise Standard’ and ‘Enterprise Plus’ editions is set at 5TB. However, Google has announced that it can be expanded as needed. While the exact limit of expansion is not confirmed, it seems there is a possibility of exceeding 5TB.

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This article has explained the discontinuation of unlimited storage for Google Drive and has compared how Google Workspace fares with G Suite in terms of storage space. Despite the introduction of capacity limits, it is found that the “pool system” results in an enhancement of usability, not a degradation. Additionally, while the removal of an unlimited storage space does look to be negative, the available capacity of an organization’s storage capacity still extends into the terabytes.

Here at TS Cloud, as an authorized Google Workspace reseller and Google Cloud premier partner, we aim to provide comprehensive assistance through swift and courteous support via phone, email, and more. No matter if you are considering a reduction in costs with Google Workspace or are facing challenges with your existing office suite provider, feel free to consult with TS Cloud for personalized solutions.

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