Shared Drive vs Shared Items. What’s the Difference?

Publication Date: 2022.04.27

Did you know that there are differences between Google Drive’s Shared Drive and Shared Items? Despite their similar names, these features serve different purposes which requires a clear understanding. This article will explain the differences between the two features and emphasize the correct usage for each.”

Similarities and Differences between Shared Drives and Shared Items

In Google Drive, the left menu displays both Shared Drive and Shared Items options

Try your best not to be confused about the terminology of the feature’s names. Although they both use “Shared”, these two features are different in purpose. The table below briefly summarizes the differences between Shared Drive and Shared Items and highlights the differences in their purpose.

  Shared Drive Shared Items
Feature Share your files with your team through a folder where everybody can share and access files. Locate folders and files that have been individually shared with you from another person from their My Drive.
Terms of Use Sign up for a paid plan Google Workspace Business Standard Standard Free Google Account
Fee RM54 per month/user Free

Learn more about Shared Drive:Google Shared Drive (Gdrive): Introduction, Benefits, and Limitations

Shared Items – Files Shared From Another My Drive

Files or folders shared from others’ My Drive for updating or viewing are referred to as ‘Shared Items’ and can be found in the “Shared With Me” section of the side menu.

What is seen in Shared With Me

Any files or folders that are displayed in Google Drive’s Shared With Me are files that have been shared with you., and files have been shared with you through opened links. These will be categorized as Shared Items

The following information will be displayed for each item you see on-screen.

  • Share Date
  • File Owner
  • File Type

Chronological Order of Display

By selecting Shared With Me, a chronologically ordered list of Shared Files will be displayed. This choice of display order brings much inconvenience for those searching for old links through any messages or emails in the past.

Available for Free through a personal Google Account

All Google Drive users can actively utilize the Shared With Me feature, and it’s not limited to Google Workspace users

Shared Drive – Files Shared Within a Team

My Drive handles file permissions individually, whereas Shared Drive streamlines collaboration by allowing shared files to be accessed by the entire team with unified settings.

For more information:Google Shared Drive (Gdrive): Introduction, Benefits, and Limitations

Simplify file sharing with Shared Drive

In Shared Drive, the team collectively owns files, not any specific individual. If the team owner departs, the files remain accessible to all team members, streamlining sharing, promoting seamless collaboration, and enhancing data security. Shared Drive ensures universal data access, avoiding complications associated with file ownership when employees leave the organization.

Sharing files with My Drive however is slightly more complicated and inconvenient. It requires additional steps such as changing access settings forever individual the file is sent to. So when sharing files, easily drag and drop files from My Drive into Shared Drive to instantly grant everybody access to the files. It couldn’t be any simpler!

When is the right time to use Shared Drive

Consider using Shared Drive if:

  • You’re collaborating on team projects or events requiring shared file access.
  • You share most files with the same team members consistently.
  • When files have a consistent theme, topic, or purpose for being shared.
  • The content being shared is not personal instead it relates to your team and its purpose.

Additionally, Google Workspace administrators of your organization can set the scope of users who can operate the shared drive, such as adding and removing members and removing files.

Shared Drive Available on Google Workspace Business Standard or Higher

Access to Shared Drive is exclusive to the Google Workspace Business Standard plan or higher. For a streamlined file management system, particularly for emails, calendars, and diverse data, it’s advisable to opt for Google Workspace Business Standard or higher—the minimum requirement to enable Shared Drive functionality in Google Workspace

Simplify and Optimize File Management With Shared Drive

Enhance your organization’s file management efficiency instantly by leveraging the connectivity and collaboration advantages of Shared Drive. If you’re keen on exploring the features, uses, and pricing of Shared Drive, particularly in the context of Google Workspace Business Standard or higher, feel free to contact us at TS Cloud for detailed information and assistance

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