Publication Date: 2023.09.01

Google Workspace Duet AI has recently been released for trial application since September 1, 2023. Now, all Google Workspace users will be able to greatly improve their work efficiency. Get to know the 3 key functions of Google Workspace Duet AI, how to purchase it and apply for a trial, and a few key information points about Duet AI that is accompanied by a How-To-Use Guide.

3 Key Functions of Google Workspace Duet AI

Google Workspace Duet AI is an AI work assistant that can be used in Google’s tools, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations, and Google Meet. Here are three key features of Google Workspace Duet AI:

1. AI-generated letter and document content in Gmail and Google Docs

Duet AI provides a “Help Me Write” function in both Gmail and Google Docs that will allow you to generate emails and instantly file content instantly.

In Gmail, instruct Duet AI by selecting a command function and a draft letter will be generated. After that, simplifying your key points, lengthening a detailed description, or changing it to a formal correspondence format can be completed with just a click. With these possibilities, anyone can use Duet Ai no matter their corporate ranking or natural tone of writing.

AI-generated letters and document content in Gmail and Google Docs

(Image Source:Google Workspace Blog

Within Google Docs, use Duet AI to immediately create document content with the “Help Me Write” function. Simply adjust your content’s tone, shorten, or lengthen the content with one button. Combined with Duet AI’s Proofread function, spell checking and text proofreading can also be completed with a single click, allowing you to reduce the time for deliberation and manually editing errors within text.

In Google Docs, users can use the “Help Me Write” function to guide Duet AI to immediately create document content.

Within Duet AI's Proofread function, spell checking and text proofreading can be completed with one click, reducing the time for deliberation and manually editing errors in text, and completing the document as quickly as possible.

2. Create images for presentations with a simple prompt

When making presentations in the past, you had to often worry about the pictures, appearance, and visual movement of your slides. Now these problems can be solved through Duet AI’s “Help Me Visualize” function. By providing a brief picture description, Duet AI will generate an original picture that matches your description leaving you with little worry about the visual contents of your presentations. This function alone can help to save 60% of the time spent on just adjusting presentation visuals making this extremely helpful and effective.

Create images for presentations from a simple prompt

Just provide Duet AI with a brief picture description, and Duet AI will generate an original picture that matches your situation

3. Instantly analyze data and generate reports in Google Sheets

Use Duet AI’s “Help Me Organize” function in Google Spreadsheet to efficiently complete data analysis and generate reports. Once again, submit prompts into Duet AI such as “produce sales plan schedules” and “analyze feedback forms”, in a couple seconds the corresponding information will be immediately produced for you. Pulling forms and setting items from scratch doesn’t have to be manual anymore. Fine-tune your work at anytime!.

Instantly analyze data and generate reports in Google Sheets

For each of these functions and many more, Duet AI combines AI technology with Google Workspace’s various cloud office software to provide you with the many benefits of generative automation. You no longer have to start from scratch which greatly shortens the time you take to perform any of the various kinds of document editing. Simply leave the task to Duet AI. Let it build the data for you, and you can focus on more important tasks that calls for a personal touch. In terms of collaboration, work efficiency is greatly improved too!.

How to purchase Google Workspace Duet AI and apply for a trial?

After reading about the three key functions of Google Workspace Duet AI, are you interested in trying it out? Here are several methods on how you can purchase Duet AI at a discounted price, or even apply for a free trial.:

How to buy Duet AI

Method 1. Official Google Duet AI registration form

After submitting the registration form, you will be placed on a Google waitlist and contacted by a Google Specialist soon after. If you choose to register by filling out the official form, please note that Duet AI will be billed in USD which is subject to foreign taxes, and will not issued in any invoice.

Method 2: Through Google resellers – TS Cloud

To purchase Duet AI through TS Cloud, simply contact a specialist to make your purchase. The transaction will be billed in Ringgit with a provided invoice.

What are the prices and benefits of Duet AI?

Google Workspace Duet AI offers annual and flexible plans:

  Annual Contract Flexible Contract
TS Cloud Price (month/user)*
*RM113 purchase before 31st Dec.
Google Official Price
(month/user) *

*Annual contract requires a pre-paid 12-month payment of Duet AI

Is Duet AI available for trial?

Apply for a trial through the following three channels:

Channel 1. Fill out the Google Workspace Duet AI official trial form

Submit the form and after being reviewed by a Google specialist to receive a free trial opportunity.

Channel 2. Through Google resellers – TS Cloud

Receive a free trial by directly contacting a TS Cloud specialist. There is no waiting for official Google confirmation.

Channel 3. Participate in the Google Workspace Duet AI online briefing

Receive a set of trial accounts for early access to Duet AI by joining TS Cloud online briefing session.

Google Workspace Duet AI FAQ

QWill Duet AI work with every version of Google Workspace?


Duet AI is available EXCEPT for Business Starter and Enterprise Essentials version.

QWhat languages ​​does Duet AI support?


Duet AI currently only supports English, you need to set the language of your Google Workspace account to English to use it.

QDoes Duet AI work on mobile?


Duet AI is currently only available on computers, but the “Help Me Write” function in Gmail can be used on mobile phones.

Free Registration for the Duet AI Workshop

Recently, Google announced Duet AI for Google Workspace is now generally available. If you are a Google Workspace user who wishes to start using Duet AI quickly. Or you want to learn more about Duet AI, we invite you to join the online event.

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