Google Workspace Application and Implementation

Publication Date: 2024.02.29

This article is about how to apply for Google Workspace, what you need to do before applying and what requirements you need to meet. It also explains the main points of the initial setup of Google Workspace.

*If you would like to explore the features of the paid version of Google Workspace before importing, you can also request a free 30-day trial via SSS, which is twice as long as the trial offered by Google (14 days).

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Step ① Five things to decide before applying.

Are you wondering what specific preparations you should make if you decide to move to an enterprise cloud collaboration platform by implementing Google Workspace? Below are five things you should do to prepare for a smooth transition from pre-implementation of Google Workspace to go-live.

If you do not know which edition to choose or how to plan the migration during the internal discussion process, please feel free to contact TS Cloud and we will help you make the Google Workspace implementation go smoothly.

Google Workspace Edition

Before you start implementing Google Workspace, you first need to decide which edition you want to use. Google Workspace offers 6 editions to choose from (3 for less than 300 people and 3 for more than 300 people). The list of differences between the editions is as follows.

  Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise Essentials Enterprise Standard Enterprise Plus
Annual Pricing/user RM2,329 RM4,658 RM6,987 RM3,882 RM8,927 RM11,645
User Account Limits 300 pax 300 pax 300 pax Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage 30GB 2TB 5TB 1TB 5TB 5TB
Google Calendar
Cloud Collaboration Tools
Google Chat
Shared Drive
Google Vault

Each edition is based on one user, and the monthly cost, the number of users and features vary. Choose the edition that best fits your business needs!

Learn More About Pricing and Editions

Number of User Accounts

Once you have selected the issue, you need to decide how many staff will use it! You can start with a few employees using Google Workspace instead of starting with the whole company. You can also request a free trial of Google Workspace to see how it works.

Prepare Transfer Plan and Schedule

Once you have determined the number of users, plan a schedule for switching from the existing email system to Google Workspace. How do you change the flow of information in your organisation and what type of cloud management system do you want to set up? The first thing to consider is what features are needed. Creating a migration plan will allow you to know “What problems will occur during the migration? and “At what time should we migrate?” etc. so that the next process can run more smoothly.

Assign a Project Manager

Once you have decided on a timeline for moving to Google Workspace, the next step is to appoint an “administrator” within your organisation. Administrators can log into the Google Workspace Admin Console and have the authority to change the settings and feature restrictions for each user. For smooth administration in the future, it is important to designate the right person from the internal management department, information department, etc. Administrator rights can be assigned to more than one person.

One of the administrators will be selected to be responsible for contracting and initial setup during the Google Workspace implementation.

If you are using Google Workspace for the first time or do not have IT staff to set it up, TS Cloud offers domain registration and DNS management. Our specialist will help you set up the initial setup as quickly as possible and you can start using Google Workspace by simply logging into your account.

TS Cloud Value-Added Service before Google Workspace Implementation: Domain Registration and DNS Management

Assign Person-In-Charge (PIC)

When Google Workspace is actually used in an organisation, there are many handy features, but not all employees will use them. “How do I use this feature…? Who should I ask for advice?”. These situations are inevitable.

To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to determine the PIC of Google Workspace in advance. Once you have decided on the PIC, you can react quickly to the problem and use the various functions of Google Workspace from the company’s point of view.

However, if you do not have IT experts in your organisation and your business is using Google Workspace for the first time, you can engage a Premier Partner like TS Cloud. We offer a wide range of support options including phone, email and video conferencing. As pricing, customer service, availability of add-ons, etc. vary from different resellers, please contact us if you have any questions or considerations.

[Learn More]Difference between Purchasing from a Google Workspace Reseller and Google

Step ② Items to prepare before applying.

Below are things to prepare before the Google Workspace application.

Domain Name

Google Workspace offers an email service for businesses that displays a custom email address (the company’s domain will appear after “@”). A domain is like an address in the online world, and by using business-specific emails, you can build trust with your customers.

Credit card

If your company wants to purchase Google Workspace through the Google portal, the only payment method is to tie up your credit card and pay monthly.If you want to pay by bank transfer, you can buy through a reseller. TS Cloud accepts bank transfers and issues a local invoice.


If you want to log in to your account outside of working hours or on the go from a device other than your usual computer, you will need a smartphone that can perform the two-step verification. With a smartphone, you can use the Google app to work smoothly and make your work extra convenient.

Step ③ Google Workspace Application Channel

What are the ways to apply for Google Workspace after you have planned your staff, schedule and necessary things before applying?

Apply Directly with Google

There are two ways to apply for Google Workspace. The first way is for companies to apply directly on the Google portal.

Apply with a Reseller

The second option is to start the Google Workspace subscription through a certified Google Workspace reseller. The benefits of applying through a reseller allow you to get a more comprehensive service or a lower price than on the official website. You can also request a 30-day free trial, so be sure to take advantage of these resources.

Step ④ Google Workspace Setup

The initial setup of Google Workspace can be done by the PIC for the company as follows.

1. DNS setup (to prove the domain ownership of the company)

Add a TXT record to the domain hosting panel of your Google Workspace domain to prove that your company is the owner of the domain. Once this is done, all Google Workspace services can be used (make sure your domain is verified:

2. User Logins

You can first create the user accounts and group emails in the Google Workspace Admin Console. After the incoming mail server has been changed, the previously-used email system is no longer available. Therefore, please access Google Workspace Gmail (Chrome browser) to send or receive your emails in the future.

3. Set up DNS Before Using Gmail

Access the domain hosting panel to change the MX records by pointing it to Google’s server. Then, you can use Gmail to send and receive emails through your Google Workspace account.

*If some users do not use Gmail and wish to continue using the existing email server, the method described above is not applicable and settings must be made for more frequent email forwarding. (See “Google Workspace Email Routing (Dual Delivery)” for details)

If you are not familiar with the process described above, you can also contact TS Cloud for help with the initial setup. We offer a wide range of support services and Google Workspace specialists are on hand to help.

implement Google Workspace with a Plan

Above we have explained the process of applying for Google Workspace and how to prepare in advance. This will help you avoid any problems once you have signed up to Google, as we can advise you in detail. It is very important to have a plan for setting up the system after joining and a timeline for preparations to start the application process in a planned way.

If you would like to learn more about how to apply for Google Workspace, please contact TS Clouds Google Workspace specialist to assist you!

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