What You Can Do With a Free Google Meet Account in 2024 and How To Use it Without Time Limits?

Publication Date: 2024.05.13

With the rise of remote work, a variety of online meeting tools have been released, including free accounts like Google Meet. However, many free services have limitations and can be difficult to use. In this article, we will explain what you can do with Google Meet’s free account service, including how to use it without time limits.

What is Google Meet? – Google’s Online Meeting Tool


Google Meet is a web video conferencing service for businesses offered by Google. You can join video conferences from anywhere without having to install software, as long as you have a browser and an internet connection. Google Meet is characterized by its ability to securely hold conferences even in online environments, as it generates a dedicated encryption key to maintain security. As its main functions, it is equipped with meeting recording, screen sharing, meeting management, and a whiteboard.

How To Use Google Meet for Free?

Google Meet is available to anyone with a Google account. There are free and paid plans, and the service content varies depending on the price and plan, but here are two ways to use Google Meet for free:

1. Create a free account that can be used forever

To use Google Meet for free, you must first create a free Google account. Google Meet is one of the features of a free Google account. Free Google accounts can be used indefinitely, and you can also use Google Meet for free.

2. Attend meetings hosted by the account holder

Even if you don’t have a Google account yourself, you can still use Google Meet if you are a participant. You can join a meeting by clicking on the meeting URL that the Google account holder has shared with you. If the organizer has a paid account, you can join the meeting for an unlimited amount of time.

What You Can and Cannot Do with a Free Google Meet Account

Features of Free Account

  Free Google Account
Time Limit ・One-on-one meetings (2 participants): Up to 24 hours
・Group meetings (3 or more participants): Up to 60 minutes
Number of Participants Up to 100
Advanced Features Online meetings and chat only
Admin Control Restricted to meeting organizers only
Video Recording Unavailable

What Can You Do With a Free Account?

Some features of Google Meet are available or not depending on the account edition. However, even with a free account, you will have access to the essential features you need for most meetings, such as “Online Meeting” and “Chat.” Here are the four main features of a free Google Meet account:

1. Online meeting for 3 to 100 participants with a 60-minute time limit

Google Meet’s free plan offers different time limits based on participant numbers. One-on-one calls can last up to 24 hours, while group meetings with 3 or more participants are capped at 60 minutes. To ensure a smooth transition, a notification alerts everyone at the 55-minute mark. Free accounts don’t have an “unlimited” option, so extending meetings requires ending the current one and starting a new one. If unlimited meeting time and additional features are crucial, consider upgrading to a paid Google Workspace plan.

2. In-Meeting Chat

Google Meet’s free account includes a built-in chat feature that allows participants to communicate via text messages during online meetings. This feature is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, enabling seamless collaboration and discussion exchange. Messages sent during a meeting are visible to all participants and are only viewable for the duration of the meeting. It’s important to note that messages sent before joining the meeting are not displayed, and all messages disappear once the meeting is exited.

3. Whiteboard Feature

Google Meet offered a valuable tool for collaborative brainstorming and real-time idea sharing through its integrated whiteboard feature, Jamboard. This feature, accessible even for free accounts, allowed participants to engage in whiteboard discussions akin to an offline meeting setting.

However, in a recent announcement, Google has informed users that Jamboard will be discontinued as of December 2024. For those who wish to continue utilizing whiteboard functionality, detailed information regarding data migration methods and alternative applications can be found in this article.

4. Change Meet Background

Google Meet enhances focus during online meetings with free background blurring and image customization. This lets you maintain privacy in your workspace (blur) or add a personal touch (custom images), keeping teleconferences engaging and distraction-free.

What Can’t You Do With a Free Account?

Here are some limitations of Google Meet in a free account.

1. Use Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are a feature that allows you to temporarily divide participants into smaller groups during a large meeting. This feature is only available with paid accounts, and the advantage is that it allows for more focused discussions by dividing participants into smaller groups.

2. Granting Administrative Privileges & Meet Recording Feature

Granting administrative privileges and using the recording function are features that are only available with paid accounts. The ability to grant administrative privileges to people other than the organizer can be useful when participants other than the organizer need to give presentations or share documents.

In addition, data recorded with the recording function is automatically stored in Google Drive and can be shared with people who were unable to attend the meeting. Both of these features can help meetings run smoothly, so if you find them necessary, you should consider upgrading to a paid account.

Comparison Table: Free Account vs. Paid Account

Google Meet offers both free and paid accounts with varying features and capabilities. It’s crucial to understand these differences, particularly the time limit restrictions, to make an informed decision about which option suits your needs best.

  Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise Essentials Enterprise Standard Enterprise Plus
Background Change
Video Recordings -
Breakout Rooms -
Polls and Q&A -
Attendance Tracking - -
Participants Limit 100 150 500 250 500 1000

* Last Updated: May 12, 2024

As the table shows, paid Google Meet accounts offer features that are not available with free accounts, expanding the possibilities of your online meetings.

Features like “Polls” and “Q&A” allow you to gauge participant sentiment in real time, which can lead to improved meeting outcomes and increased participant satisfaction.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Online Meeting with a Paid Account

For small meetings, Google Meet’s free account can handle your needs without any issues. However, as your company or project grows in size, it may be more beneficial to opt for a paid account that provides access to a wider range of features.

Taking into account the information presented in this article, carefully compare the free and paid accounts to determine the service that best suits your organization’s requirements. If you find the free account to be limiting or if you want to enhance your web conferencing experience, consider upgrading to a paid account.

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