Tips for Dealing With Price Increases (20% Price Increase for Flexible Plan)

Google has announced that the flexible plan (monthly payment) for Google Workspace will be subject to a 20% price increase from April 11, 2023. 😣

📣 The good news is that this price increase only applies to monthly subscriptions and does not affect annual subscriptions (unless you use Enterprise Standard).

It is recommended that you switch to an annual subscription in advance to save money if you are currently using Google Workspace. By transferring your Google Workspace account to TS Cloud, you can reduce costs and achieve a higher quality of support. Feel free to contact us to explore tips to reduce your costs.

Price Adjustment

Google WorkspaceCurrent Price (USD/User/Month)After Price Increase (USD/User/Month)
Business Starter67.2
Business Standard1214.4
Business Plus1821.6
Enterprise Essentials1012
Enterprise Standard2027.6
Enterprise Plus3036

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