Clueless on starting to use Google Workspace? Let’s learn now!

Google recently announced that there are more companies who is migrating to Google Workspace to enjoy the Google Cloud’s safety and stabilization. However, are all employee’s in the respective companies is easy to utilize and get to use of the Google Workspace tools? Let this biggest concern be addressed easily by the Google Cloud Premier Partner in Malaysia. Google Workspace Online Video Training Course solve all your worries and get your users ready to use Google Workspace so quickly!

Watch now our Google Workspace Online Video Training Courses Introduction

What can be learned with Google Workspace Online Video Training Courses?

This courses cover the training and learning of Google Workspace features for administrators with Google Workspace Admin Course and also the users with Google Workspace User Course.

Google Workspace Admin Course

This course is designed for IT and also the administrator in the company. This lesson covers 90 minutes of Google Workspace Admin Console management include checking email logs search, set user permissions and etc. This course allow you to quickly learn and manage the Google Workspace Admin Console without even having the IT background as the main concern.

Google Workspace User Course

This course is designed for end users to quickly familiarize themselves with Google Workspace tools and features. With just 115 minutes, employees are able to learn the main function of Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets and other office tools. Even if you have never experienced the cloud application, this course covers your usage and improve the company’s productivity.

4 Benefits of Online Video Training Course

1. Unlimited access and view time

Anyone who purchases Google Workspace Online Video Training Courses can enjoy “unlimited views and unlimited number of viewers for lifetime”. If you are not familiar with the operation of certain function in the future, you can replay and review by yourself.

2. Newcomers are exempt from training

Not only the current employees can use the online audio-visual courses, but newcomers in the future can also watch the videos to learn and utilize the Google Workspace on their own which exempt the training session and save the IT/HR valuable time.

3. Unlimitied access at anytime from anywhere

Through online audio-visual courses, HR does not have to work hard to arrange group trainings, and employees do not need to travel north and south to attend classes. Employees of various departments can choose their own working time and arrange class time flexibly to equipt their skill.

4. Complete course planning

Rather than exploring the various functional tools of Google Workspace on their own, through the gradual course planning of Online Video Courses, employees can master all common functions of Google Workspace at once within 2 hours.

Limited time offer, Save RM112!

Anyone who purchases either “Google Workspace Admin Course” or “Google Workspace User Course” can enjoy a limited time promotion price of RM388/Course (original price is RM500/Course). For more details, please refer to the Google Workspace Google Workspace Online Video Training Course.

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