Grand Launch of Google Workspace

Grand Launch of Google Workspace

Google announced the G Suite rebranding as Google Workspace which abide to provide perfect communication and collaboration experience in the cloud environment. Formerly, G Suite (now known as Google Workspace) with its user’s usability of productivity tool (such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google Documents, Google Sheets, etc) is not being changed with this rebranded series (Google Workspace).

With this new Google Workspace, users are provided with the new collaborative experience to do everything within the same platform. As to say Google is now able to preview the files content directly from the Google Chat without the need to switch the interface; or directly tag users with @ to notify others within the documents, and etc. This new feature eventually ease the users work efficiency.

TS Cloud has revised the new updates of the Google Workspace with detailed table comparison on editions, features, pricing and FAQ’s to ease users to quickly understand the new features of Google Workspace.

In the coming weeks, Google is also planning to officially announce the rebranding in the website and TS Cloud as the Google Premier Partner will continue to equipt customers with latest informations on Google Workspace updates. Stay Tuned!

Google Workspace vs G Suite

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