How much is Google Workspace? How much is Gmail for Business?

Google Workspace Pricing:
Business Series: Business Starter $6/month, Business Standard $12/month, Business Plus $18/month
Enterprise Series: Enterprise Essential $10/month, Enterprise Standard $20/month, Enterprise Plus $30/month
G Suite Pricing:
Basic $6/month
Business $12/month
Enterprise $25/month
(G Suite is no longer available to be purchased since January 16, 2021)

Free technical support is included within the active subscription.
※Special discount for the first 20 new users.
Google Workspace: Business Starter $5.4/month, Business Standard $10.8/month
G Suite: Basic $5.4/month, Business $10.8/month.

(G Suite is no longer available to be purchased since January 16, 2021)

More “Google Worksapce License Fee and Payment Methods” related FAQs

QMy Google Workspace Account Has Been Suspended. What Should I Do?


Recently, users have reported that they encountered “Google Workspace is suspended”, “Google Workspace subscription has been suspended”, “set up billing for Google Workspace” or even some of you unable to sign in to your Google Workspace account. If you do not know what to do right now, scroll down to continue reading on the way to recover your Google Workspace account.

Option 1: Google Workspace Account With Super Admin Access

If your Google Workspace account is assigned super admin privilege, you may fill out the form here on this page and include the required details below in the additional queries section.

  1. The date you would like to set up Google Workspace
  2. Preferred Google Workspace edition
  3. Transfer token (Public ID: C032nki4d)

Please ask the Google Workspace Super Administrator in your company to access this link to generate the alphanumeric transfer token.

Option 2: Not Sure if Your Google Workspace Account Has Super Admin Access?

If you are not sure whether your Google Workspace account is assigned super admin privilege, you may fill out the form here on this page and we’ll assist you accordingly.

-Only Google Workspace super admin account is able to generate the token for the upgrade from G Suite Legacy Free Edition to Google Workspace.
-Usually, it takes 1-2 days for the account recovery of the super admin account. However, it still depends on a case by case. We’ll try our best to speed up the process!
-Just make sure you have the access to domain hosting panel (DNS of your domain) to verify the ownership of your Google Workspace account.

Option 3: Can I Choose Not to Restore My Google Workspace Account?

Yes, you can choose not to recover your account after being suspended. Although you will miss out on many of Google Workspace’s useful features, you can still export your organization’s data through Google’s data export tool.

Do you want to continue using Google Workspace? The above is the solution to reactivate your suspended Google Workspace account. Google only provides credit cards as the payment method. However, if you want to pay via online banking transfer using MYR or USD currency, you may contact us for further assistance.

QWhat are the payment methods?


We accept bank transfers (TT).

QWe have been buying directly from Google, how will the invoicing be handled should we be fulfilled thru your company?


Google will charge the fees you have used before the transfer, but we will pay for Google on the day of the transfer until the contract expires. The amount of the original bill before the transfer can be confirmed by calling Google Support.

QWe are using the Basic version currently. Should we upgrade to the Business version half way, how is the fee calculated?


As basic version user, you can upgrade to Business or Enterprise version at any point in time. We will refund the lower version unused period charge you the new version from the switch over date.

QWhat is the fee for additional licenses?


If the Google Workspace license has not reached the purchase limit, it can be added directly. If it reaches the limit, it has to be purchased separately.
Additional accounts added during contract period shall be pro-rated and aligned to contract end date, rounded off to the full month.

QWhat is the differences between purchasing from Google and Google Workspace reseller. Is there any differences in the applications and services provided by both of them?


There are two ways to purchase Google Workspace which you may directly purchase it from Google or from Google reseller.
For the applications, all are the same no matter you choose to purchase with. However, if you choose to purchase Google Workspace from the reseller, you not only will get technical support from Google and also enjoy the various benefits that provided by the reseller.
If you purchase from Google official website, it will show Singapore dollar in term of the sales pricing and the reseller that provide services will be different accordingly. However, all of the resellers had also sacrificed their own margin in order to provide better pricing for the customers especially when there is a transfer and renew customer which does not have more flexible pricing. Therefore, the reseller will offer more attractive pricing for the customer in order to attract more new customers.

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