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Cloud Web Hosting for WordPress KUSANAGI on GCP

No More Website Crashes and Make WordPress Websites Faster and More Stable

Is your WordPress website keeps freezing and finally the traffic flowing into the website causes the website to crash? The most suitable host environment for WordPress websites – KUSANAGI on GCP – allows you to run the website fast and stable. Even if the website is suddenly confronted with a large number of visitors, it will no longer stay on the spot, it can easily keep the visitors online and convert the traffic into sales. At the same time, it uses Google’s global network and data center, which saves the trouble of managing and maintaining the infrastructure itself and provides first-class security guarantees.

No More Website Crashes and Make WordPress Websites Faster and More Stable

Do you have these problems?

  • When the number of visitors to the website increases, the traffic is often too large to load, resulting in server crashes.
  • Website loading speed is too slow, which affects user experience and lowers conversion rate.
  • Websites are often attacked, causing server crashes, loss of time and money for businesses, and even theft of confidential information.
  • Virtual hosting providers on the market are based on an annual contract, and the host’s specifications cannot be flexibly adjusted at any time. If you want to upgrade, only certain specifications can be selected, even if the corresponding performance or storage space is not fully optimized.

3 Keys for Success

Improve the Stability of Your Website to Avoid Website Crash During High Traffic and Not Miss Business Opportunities.

KUSANAGI has optimized the WordPress website so that your website will not crash and freeze and you will not miss any visitors.

Enable KUSANAGI’s security settings to block network attacks from the door to ensure server operation while protecting data security.

The website is hosted in GCP, which provides both security and customization flexibility.

The First Key

Kusanagi Offers Ultra-Optimized Hosting for the WordPress Environment, Focusing on Speed and Stability.

According to official data, the KUSANAGI environment is 10 to 15 times faster than the general environment in terms of speed LAMP. KUSANAGI can handle sudden traffic spikes without causing the website to crash. The higher speed of the website optimized the user experience of the website and improved the SEO ranking.

Kusanagi Offers Ultra-Optimized Hosting for the WordPress Environment, Focusing on Speed and Stability.

Speed for KUSANAGI to process requests increases

Faster and More Stable Than the LAMP Environment

Since KUSANAGI optimizes the middleware parameters for WordPress website hosting and the database, the WordPress website created with KUSANAGI performs better than the LAMP environment in terms of speed and stability.

No More Worries When Website Traffic Increases

When a website runs faster, it means that it can handle more visits per second. Compared to other websites, KUSANAGI can handle up to 1,000 visits per second (at the maximum performance of 4 CPUs) even without page caching. So you do not have to worry about the website crashing during a sudden rush of visitors.

Effectively Improve the SEO Ranking of Your Website.

The hosting environment and network bandwidth affect the website speed, which in turn influences the SEO ranking. According to the evaluation of Google PageSpeed Insight, the website that uses KUSANAGI has received a near-perfect rating. So, using KUSANAGI not only improves the usability of the website, but also the SEO ranking, so you will no longer miss any business opportunities because of the website speed.

The Second Key

Kusanagi Provides a Secure Hosting Environment, Data Encryption and Attack Defense.

Provision of a free SSL certificate to improve the security of data transmission

When you use KUSANAGI, SSL is installed for free and no additional application is required. Even if the data is stolen, it is still encrypted and cannot be viewed to prevent data theft. Besides, SSL is one of the indicators that affect SEO ranking, as it prevents the browser from classifying the website as threatening.

Constantly Update and Add Features to Prevent All Types of Network Attacks.

Companies that have strict requirements for website security can enable KUSANAGI’s security features, such as WAF, Vuls, SElinux, etc. Besides, it is updated every year in response to the endless attacks by constantly updating the processing modules and additional functions.

The Third Key

Google-Managed Infrastructure Enjoys the Convenience of a Secure and Flexible Specification.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud service platform managed by Google. It uses the same infrastructure and security services as Google and has independent and flexibly controllable resources to protect your data and prevent your website from being abused by spam.

Google-managed infrastructure enjoys the convenience of secure and flexible specification

Multi-Tenant vs Single-Tenant

Is KUSANAGI is Suitable for My Business?

If a website is an important tool to attract customers and increase sales for your business.
If the focus is on website usability and you need a stable, fast, and secure website.
If the website optimization and SEO ranking improvement are in progress/planning.
If you are acceptable with a highly specialized server.
Not Suitable
If the revenue of your company has nothing to do with the website (you consider the website is unimportant).
If you do not care about website usability (as long as the website works, you are fine).
If you have no need for website optimization or SEO improvement.
If you need special specifications for the servers or database.

6 Steps for Implementation

Understand the Customer Needs

Our specialist will contact you by phone or email to understand your needs.

Detailed Discussion

Access permission is required from your end for our specialist to access the existing server and WordPress backend for evaluation purposes. At the same time, the migration of the website and the launch of the new environment will be discussed at this stage.

Proposal and Quote

We will provide you with the best solution and a quote based on your business requirements.

Service Agreement Establishment

After both parties reach an agreement on the proposal, the service deployment agreement is then signed.

Environment Testing

Our expert will set up the KUSANAGI environment on GCP and creates the Cloud DNS. The environment is then tested and a service acceptance form is given to the customer. After confirming the information, customers are required to sign the form.

Testing and Delivery

After signing the acceptance form, the service contract officially starts, and you will receive the invoice in the following month after the service is officially started. You can purchase additional “Advanced Services” at any time within your contract period.

Service Details


Fees vary depending on the website, instance and monthly traffic. This includes hosting of the basic KUSANAGI environment, DNS hosting, general backup and recovery, automatic SSL update, system monitoring and basic troubleshooting.

Initial Setup of KUSANAGI

Provides a KUSANAGI environment that has already been created and can be migrated to.

Website Migration

We help to migrate existing WordPress website data to the KUSANAGI environment.

Website Performance Optimization

The number of requests processed by a single website can be increased by about 30% by adjusting the website performance parameters.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore Not available in Malaysia Snapshot backups are performed based on the backup frequency specified by both parties, and we provide a service to restore data from snapshots if a failure occurs.

WAF Activation and Settings

We help you set up a website application firewall (WAF) to detect and block network anomalies and threats.

SElinux Activation and Settings

Help activate SElinux and strengthen Linux security with access control mechanisms.


  • We help to update all modules in KUSANAGI repository until CentOS7 service is discontinued.
  • Guaranteed with the latest version (WordPress 5.x).
  • Shibboleth SP verification module (nginx, Apache) are used.

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