Gmail Is the Best Choice for Company Email

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Gmail Is the Best Choice for Company Email

The Top 6 Reasons Your Business Should Use Gmail for Your Company Email*Based on past surveys of 3,000 clients who successfully migrated from legacy systems to Gmail

35% Spam Emails

Ineffective spam filtration of your current email system causes your inbox to be loaded with spam emails. This reduces your staff’s work productivity due to having to remove unwanted emails every day.

27% Unstable Servers

Self-hosted/virtual servers, for example, the Exchange Server, are prone to server downtime and missing emails. This downtime results in an unstable work environment until a resolution is found by the service provider.

21% Unsafe Servers

Self-hosted/virtual servers are often attacked by phishing emails, where the attacked server is used as a jump server. This results in data security and email blacklist issues. Data leakage is more likely to happen when an employee resigns.

10% High Maintenance Costs

 4%  Limited Storage

 2%  No Remote Access

Let Google Manage the Hassle of Hosting!

100% Spam Filtration

Gmail’s built-in spam filtration system eliminates the need for the extra cost of plug-in installation. This allows your staff to concentrate on work without worrying about spam emails or accidentally clicking on links in malicious emails.

99.9% SLA

Google’s robust infrastructure guarantees no missing emails and a stabilized server. No additional cost, or time, is needed to maintain the email server and you don’t need to worry about server upgrades as everything will be taken care of by Google, seamlessly.

Strong Security Protection

In addition to spam filtration, Gmail actively scans for hidden viruses in attachments and immediately blocks phishing emails. This eliminates the additional cost of anti-virus purchases, and saves you the cost of server maintenance, which is often needed after a virus attack.

The Paid-for Company Gmail Also Has the Following Features:

Admin Console

A user-friendly and easy-to-understand business management interface, which allows you to set up and manage user mailboxes. Data leakage is controllable by the company, even when an employee resigns.

Group Email

A free group email address that can be used to send and receive emails by using a group name. For example, your sales team can use the sales group email address sales@yourcompanyname to send and receive sales emails.

Email Delegation

Senior executives can delegate access to their company email inbox, allowing their personal assistant to manage it directly. This eliminates information transfer time through email forwarding, and eases communication.

Professional Company Email

Show business professionalism with an email address that ends with @yourcompanyname. You can be worry-free and have multiple email domains – paid-for Company Gmail allows your administrator to manage multiple domains on the same admin platform.

Automatic Reply Email

It’s easy to set up automatic out-of-office or holiday email replies to inform your customers of your business availability. This ensures mutual trust and means business relationships are not impacted by lengthy waiting times.

Retain Deleted Emails

Your administrators can search for, and retrieve, deleted emails from the admin platform, which can be helpful for auditing and e-discovery needs.

Gmail Is a Feature of Google Cloud Office Suite

Google Workspace only costs RM320/user/year. As well as business Gmail, around 20 cloud tools are included in Google Workspace, such as video conferencing, cloud storage, and document editing. Office work can be easily completed as long as you are subscribed to the cloud office tools provided.

Google Workspace
Google DriveGoogle Drive
Cloud Drive Storage
Google MeetGoogle Meet
Video Conferencing
Google CalenderGoogle Calendar
Time Management and Scheduling
Google ChatGoogle Chat
Online Communication
Google DocsGoogle Docs
Online Word Processor
Google SheetsGoogle Sheets
Google FormsGoogle Forms
Surveys and Questionnaires Form
Presentation BuilderGoogle Slides
Presentation Builder
Google Sites Website Production AppsGoogle Sites
Website Production Apps
Google Keep Collaborative NotesGoogle Keep
Collaborative Notes
Google Apps ScriptGoogle Apps Script
Google Workspace AdminGoogle Workspace Admin
Management Console
Google Workspace EndpointGoogle Workspace Endpoint
Endpoint Management
Google Cloud SearchGoogle Cloud Search
Smart Search Engine
Google VaultGoogle Vault
Data Retention
Google Work InsightsGoogle Work Insights
Adoption and Collaboration Insights

Google Workspace Is Not Suitable for Every Company…

Unsuitable For:Suitable For:
 X Companies that only need a corporate mailbox to send and receive emails V Companies looking for a corporate email that improves work productivity
 X Companies that feel RM320 is too expensive for one user account V Companies willing to invest in a solution that hikes up productivity
 X Companies that have no need for features other than email. V Companies that prefer to have other productivity tools other than just an email account
 X Companies whose decision maker is determined to use only Microsoft. V Companies that do not always use the same email system
 X Companies whose employees only want to use the Outlook interface. V Companies that are looking to change to an email system which promotes high productivity
 X Companies whose company or industry regulations do not allow the use of Cloud Systems out of their own country V Companies whose company or industry regulations do not exclude the use of Cloud Systems
 X Companies that need to use company email in China, North Korea, and Cuba V Companies that do not need to use company email in countries or regions restricted by Google

Experienced Reseller, TS Cloud
Guarantees the Best Solution!

TS Cloud has been in the industry for 16 years and we are motivated to help our customers solve problems and attain high productivity through IT technology. We believe that focus is essential to achieve professionalism. With our business expanding in multiple countries, and with our own experience of remote working, we chose the cloud office suite as our business product. We have 8 years of experience being the top reseller of Google, helping more than 3,000 companies move into the cloud and assisting them achieve digital transformation, centred within the Google Workspace.

Google Cloud Partner
Work Transformation Certification

Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Premier Partner

Cloud Adoption Is Assured Through Google’s Top Reseller!

Partial Implementation

Change does not happen overnight. If your company is not ready to fully implement Google Workspace, or if your company is unable to implement Gmail for all employees, perhaps due to geographical and legal restrictions, our partial implementation service can fulfil your needs. This service allows your company to have Gmail co-exist with your current company email system, ensuring the current system continues to run smoothly and allows part of your company to use Gmail.

Data Migration

No matter whether your company’s existing email system is Exchange, Lotus Notes, or any other email system, TS Cloud guarantees a smooth email migration. We provide a pre-test service to confirm email migration feasibility, to ensure no emails are missed upon real data migration to the cloud. Payment is only needed after the test migration is successfully carried out.

Change Management

Successful implementation of Google Workspace does not lie in a simple IT project. Although your company’s email system will have been changed successfully, the tool’s adoption by employees is essential to achieve maximum production value. TS Cloud provides a comprehensive guide to change management that assists enterprises in achieving their dream work model.

Customers Feedback

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Nantha KumarNantha Kumar
03:39 02 Dec 22
their sales rep is friendly and can answer all my doubts
Aaron JeremyAaron Jeremy
01:42 29 Nov 22
Smooth migration by the team👍👍 and the service is very good
Nur HananiNur Hanani
07:31 22 Nov 22
good support team with quick response!!!
desmond khoodesmond khoo
06:45 09 Sep 22
Cases handle nicely by them in a good way. Highly recommended. Thanks
Kent CheeKent Chee
04:47 08 Jul 22
Thank you Ms. Lai and her team for taking extra mile to complete our client’s email migration. Pleasant experience with TS Cloud.
Edward GoEdward Go
06:34 01 Jul 22
A Very Supporting team !Especially MS pankco Lai!Thanks to help our company to solve all the problem we face!Need to give you 10STAR
06:18 01 Jul 22
Tq for super supporting MS Lai!!!
Vvataram12 Vvataram12Vvataram12 Vvataram12
10:01 11 Feb 21
Shun Wa LeungShun Wa Leung
08:16 21 Jan 21
TS Cloud with professional experts helps me a lot. Great services provided. Upgraded to Google Workspace through TS Cloud should be the best decision I've made.
Jin Sheng KhooJin Sheng Khoo
07:45 21 Jan 21
Amazing experience with TS Cloud with the end to end service to migrate to Google Workspace.
Andy KhawAndy Khaw
03:06 24 Jan 19
Thanks to TS Cloud for helping my company to on boarding to G Suite. They are friendly and knowledgeable in G Suite. I am satisfied with their services and will resign back my contract with them for sure!

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